Options for Broadband Connection with no cable

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by gavin, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. gavin

    gavin Guest

    I have been spoilt with a 2Mb cable modem from paradise for some time.
    Now I am moving to a section in Lower Hutt on the Western Hills that
    does not have cable and is quite some distance from the nearest Telecom
    Exchange and the telecom website Jetstream check says it is unlikely in
    that area.

    However, the section has a view of Wellington and the Harbour, albeit
    some distance away.

    What broadband options do I have available in thjis situation?

    gavin, Sep 21, 2004
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  2. gavin

    Malcolm Guest

    Hi Gavin
    What area of Western Hills, the exchange at Avalon gets up Kelson way
    ok. Belmont south should be ok to Lower Hutt exchange.
    IHUG Satellite? else do like some guy in the states did, scoped out
    people across a valley who had access and offered DSL to them for free
    and the setup a LOS directional AP (I think it was a few kms away too).
    Malcolm, Sep 21, 2004
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  3. It seems like Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:58:18 +1200 was when gavin
    NZ Wireless. If you can see Somes Island, you should be able to get
    it, I think the link is www.nzwireless.net.nz or www.nzwireless.co.nz,
    do a search on google for it. They have WAPs all the way through the
    hutt valley. $70 a month for unlimited data, 256Kb international and
    3Mb national (IIRC).
    Waylon Kenning, Sep 21, 2004
  4. gavin

    gj Guest

    Kelson, All the way up the top.

    gj, Sep 21, 2004
  5. gavin

    Harry Guest

    Find a friend with good broadband and set up an IR link.
    Since you have a good view, shouldn't be too hard.
    Microwave links are also good.
    Harry, Sep 21, 2004
  6. gavin

    Malcolm Guest

    Hi Gavin
    Work colleague in Waipounamu drive area and gets it ok, also here is a
    DSLAM at Kelson so you should be fine for a connection.
    Malcolm, Sep 21, 2004
  7. Plus GST. The national traffic is pretty fast (as fast as the WiFi
    connection), but I find the capping method they are using to allow
    only 256 kbits/s on the international traffic is not very good and
    frequently means that the actual speed is well less than 256 kbit/s.
    When the international link is not busy, it can be up to 512 kbit/s,
    but that does not happen too often. I have downloaded 19.5 Gbytes so
    far this month.

    Stephen Worthington, Sep 22, 2004
  8. It seems like Thu, 23 Sep 2004 02:44:13 +1200 was when Stephen
    Now you see, 19.5GB isn't too bad for $70+GST:) Beats the pain of
    dialup anyways.
    Waylon Kenning, Sep 23, 2004
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