Optional SoundBlaster Update Offered by Windows Update

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by TJ, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. TJ

    TJ Guest

    This is a little long, but might be worth the read if you have a
    Creative SoundBlaster card.

    First I should say that my sound was working properly. However ...

    Yesterday on a whim, I did a scan of available "optional" updates for
    one of my machines via Windows Update and found a listing for my SB
    audio card. (Audigy2) Downloaded and installed it.

    When you run this update you are informed that drivers are already
    installed for the device, and you are asked via Yes/Cancel if it's OK
    for the update to remove them. Initially I clicked 'Cancel' thinking it
    might leave the old drivers disabled but in place (giving me the ability
    to roll-back if something went wrong) but it wouldn't. It just quit the
    installation of the update. So against my better judgement I launched
    it again, clicked 'Yes', and the installation completed. BIG mistake.

    Upon reboot I was presented with my first ever BSOD while running XP.
    (home-SP2) Here's the funny part. The BSOD informed me that Windows
    was halted because I'd installed something that may enable others to
    take control of my machine. What? All I did was download an "optional
    update" for my soundcard which was recommended by WINDOWS UPDATE.

    The BSOD went on to say that if this is the first time I'm seeing this
    message I should restart in "Safe Mode" and basically undo whatever it
    was I just did. OK. Fine. Not.

    Upon shutting down and restarting in SM, the update I'd just installed
    was nowhere to be found/removed. Next course of action: System Restore.
    Rolled back to the previous day. No sound. Tried a couple other things
    including the "Creative Diagnostics and Repair tool" that comes with SB,
    no joy. Evidently, whatever this "invisable update" did, it did it but

    Bottom line; I wound having to uninstall and reinstall (files and
    drivers) everything SB-related to set things right again.

    Another odd thing was ... Windows Update was right. There was an
    updated driver available for my card. But I found that out by going to
    soundblaster.com and checking. And sure enough, that update downloaded
    and installed without a hitch.

    I have a "support" ticket in with MS as I write this. I'll post here
    with the reponse if any. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have
    informed them that I'd already resolved the "issue". :)

    Note to self: Get "optional" updates from manufacturer's site. Not MS.

    Lesson learned.
    TJ, Sep 26, 2007
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  2. TJ

    Pennywise Guest

    Never install MS hardware updates, that is mentioned in this group
    many times, IIRC Whiskers mentioned it again just a few days ago.
    Pennywise, Sep 26, 2007
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