Optimizing PC for DVD Copying

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Richard Cranium, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. What are the key PC components for copying DVDs using software like
    DVDFab or any similar product?

    Is the #1 impact item the CPU, memory, HDD speed? I'm getting ready
    to replace my aging Pentium 4 and want to optimize current DVD
    duplication and possible BluRay when media prices become more
    reasonable. TIA.
    Richard Cranium, Mar 14, 2009
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  2. Richard Cranium

    PapaBear Guest

    The same considerations apply as for burning any optical disc. The main
    problem with DVD writing seems to be errors caused by multitasking, so
    presumably a fast multiprocessor core helps. I also suggest the faster SATA
    interface that comes with most new computers, rather than the older EIDE.
    Selection of optical drives makes a difference, and I prefer to have at
    least two different models connected and available. I use LG and Lite-On.
    Lite-On's are ordinarily good for fast reading but may crap out with CRC
    errors if the disc is marginal (warped, scratched, etc). LG's are slower
    readers of video discs (unless you install a special firmware patch) but
    better for reading marginal discs, often completing the task where Lite-On
    failed. Software is a factor. There are several possible choices for
    reading/ripping if the disc is protected. I prefer ImgBurn for burning.
    PapaBear, Mar 15, 2009
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  3. Thanks. It makes sense. I was experiencing ultra long copy times and
    after updating burner firmware with no noticable improvement, finally
    decided to replace the burner with a $30 Sony. I immediately went
    from a 40 minute+ read time for a commercial DVD to less than 10
    minutes. I occasionally got errors so I disconnected my Internet
    connection when reading and that seems to have solved it (hence, your
    mention of multitasking-based issues appears spot-on). I thought that
    a more powerful CPU would help a lot (currently an old P-4) and the
    price of quad core (not top end - I'm not a gamer) units has come down
    to where I can probably build a very good PC for under $500. If I can
    find my OS discs, then that figure will drop another $100.
    Richard Cranium, Mar 19, 2009
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    Richard Cranium, Mar 20, 2009

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    Archimedes' Lever, Mar 21, 2009

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    Richard Cranium, Mar 21, 2009
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