Optimising System (XP) Questions

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Diplom Kaufmann Knut, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hello and good morning at this rainy sunday.

    After completetly setting up a new original XP system i am very happy with
    the google 4. Toolbar. I like the buttons very much and i play often with

    Is there a way to install all off them? The manually way i don´t like very
    much. Are there other fine cool Tools out there or webpages that support me
    in organaizing my interest in getting mutch withhin a few clicks? Like the
    Klipfolio software. I mean i would like to organize as much content as
    possible within a solid fundament. The rss reader option i testet in the
    past but perhaps there is a more comfortable way.

    Any hints are very appriciatet. Links to complet soulutions also.

    With other words, i would like to open for example reddit, digg,
    newspapersites, withhin one or two handstrokes.


    Diplom Kaufmann Knut, Sep 2, 2007
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  2. Diplom Kaufmann Knut

    John Holmes Guest

    Diplom Kaufmann Knut "contributed" in 24hoursupport.helpdesk:


    John Holmes, Sep 2, 2007
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  3. http://www.internet4classrooms.com/entry_level_pc_ie_fav.htm
    Mr. Holmes, this seems to be a good way to organise the favourites. Thank
    you. My special problem in the last years is, that i had often to reinstall
    everthing due to trying and expirimenting perhaps a bit to much, without
    having a working aktuell backup in my hands, only the Recovery DVD from the
    shop. So all favourites are gone often. But i will use this way from now on.
    I ad also a autoconnect to others via my kable line on startup and registret
    me as a beta tester for McAfee. (I think the (my) system will be stable at
    least three months). Also i put all the marks to allow annoymous data
    statistics off system usage whereever i am asked, course i think this way in
    supporting code writers is a good and cheap way (I like statistiks too).

    The second alternative i had once already installed and i will configure it
    like i like and i am happy to repass my memory, that so good soft is out
    there. Aditionally i want t o say that i am looking for a software package
    like the google pack as a standard preconfigured web killer application that
    i could start after installing (in three month) via web technologies like a
    autoexec.bat or config.sys which allow me to have a preconfigured allinone
    desktop which allow me to start hanging around in a comfortable way. I
    don´t like very much that i have to register in any websiteapplikation,
    because in the past years i did this to much.

    To express it with other words it seems that i need someting like a password
    autologin programm that is not on my machine, but on a other wehere i could,
    with on login have the opportunity to many applications, tools or other.
    Furthermore i have to say the word combination "social software" not recived
    totaly my brain understandings.

    There are so many good cooders out there, there must be something i
    described above out there, but when you don´t have the knowlede to feed the
    search engines with the nessasary word its like cooking for one.
    Perhaps there is a guide out there with step by step instructions, what to
    do to after a system installation like XP. I would be very happy and while i
    like To dolist a lot, i will be one of the guys who would do this step by
    step, when i have the chance to reuse this after doing it once due to the
    storage on a outside net machine.

    Perhaps i only need a instruction manuall like a pdf or txt or book where
    clearly is a point by point instruction like: I would prefour an unkown
    application. But where to find or with which words to search for.

    First do...
    Second get
    eleventh install the following
    thirty subscribe to
    40th start woundering or playing
    Diplom Kaufmann Knut, Sep 2, 2007
  4. Diplom Kaufmann Knut

    John Holmes Guest

    Diplom Kaufmann Knut "contributed" in 24hoursupport.helpdesk:
    What I'd do is create a folder, put all your treasured shite, links, pr0n
    files etc. in that. Save the folder to CD or DVD. If your system crashes
    and you need to re-install, just recover the files from the backup CD/DVD.
    I need some beer now.
    John Holmes, Sep 2, 2007
  5. Hello Mr. Holmes,

    its me again, sitting the hole sunday at the televison and the other
    machine. In the meantime i discoverd that there are about 30 Browsers out
    there, which i almost tryed to install. The individual addons for the
    Browsers i had´nt configured. Perhaps i make a big mistake, but my only
    folder is C:\ with different directorys. What i could do is a complet backup
    of drive C, course when i install in a folder like (lokal favourites) often
    some files went to the windows system directorys also.

    The search term (optimizing windows) did gave me also a big knowledge boost.

    But i didn´t find cool skripts, exept Roboform, that optimize the worktime
    for installing for example browserbundels.

    Thank you again for your support and the rests of the meal from yesterday
    (Fish with Cheese and tomatos) will stay in the oven because i have more
    appetit on "Ravioli with meat".
    Diplom Kaufmann Knut, Sep 2, 2007
  6. Diplom Kaufmann Knut

    Pennywise Guest

    You can load those sites then save it as a file.
    When you open Opera, one of the choices is to open this saved file
    (loading those sites).

    But if you like to push buttons to get things done PowerPro!
    Pennywise, Sep 3, 2007
  7. Diplom Kaufmann Knut

    Plato Guest

    Even tho the google toobar is one of the better ones, I still do NOT
    ever recommend installing ANY additional third party toolbars to ANY WWW
    Plato, Sep 3, 2007
  8. Hello and good morning again, hope you all sleept well.

    Many thanks for the helpful answers i recived in the past.
    The opera file save one is also a very practical way to handle the issues. I
    did it once and will do it again. I now have a system with many buttons from
    google, many cool browsers, a googledesktop on the left and i am feeling
    quite comfortable with it. I hope the system will walk peacefully in the
    upcoming weeks. The powerbutton toy is already installed it need more
    attantion by me, what i off course will invest.

    The passing night was very short, course i discoverd the control panel with
    the according buttons and values. Normaly, when i am deliting or
    experimantaiting with those the result is the everthing crashes and i can
    insert the recovery DVD again. But this time it survied!! I will spend more
    hours on that and i am very happy that i can read and improve my knowledge
    about this cool features. I stay in a very close relation to Mr. Bill Gates
    Company, where i send all the crash analysis reports and they are very nice
    to me, that they send updates and software on a quite regulary basis.
    Additionally i orderd a few of the Letters to stay uptodate with theyre

    Let me insert a small aneckdote: When i was a student and had this openbook
    math courses i bought before a Casio Calculater with integreted around 70
    formulas. I was very proud of this investment, i still have it and nowadays
    in the "Thalia Libary/Book Store" i saw how fast the evolution on these
    practical artikels is, there was on with about 270 formulas with the
    opportunity to copy formulas from text/books or "Aufgaben". Hui! Okay that
    was the aneckdote.

    Tuneup Software the 30day trial is off course installed. And the next
    issuses that need attantion is the update of the drivers located by the

    My beloved friend (a very pretty one) told me to sleep and thats fine.

    Thats all from me right now


    Knut Hinrichs - Siegert
    Diplom Kaufmann

    ### a little bit infectect by social software and web.2 stuff
    Diplom Kaufmann Knut, Sep 3, 2007
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