Open Reach to visit me.

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by David, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. David

    David Guest

    My Sky Fiber sync. speed as dropped to below the estimate Sky gave me at
    the time I started which was 28 Mbs.

    Spoke to them today and was asked a lot of questions and they did line
    tests and found no noise or problems. Also they said current estimate
    of sync. would be 29 Mbs. ( I looked at Plusnet site and their
    estimate from BT is 32 Mbs )

    From Sky I'm on up to 38 Mbs, at first I got in the region of 34/35
    Mbs. but over a period of time got less.

    Now it is below the estimate of 28 Mbs so phoned them today.

    It is 27397 with noise margin of 9.0 and Attn. of 24.8

    Noise used to be around 6.6 daytime and dropped in darkness with Attn.
    of 25.0

    These figures are the same when built in filter of master socket removed
    and loose filter used into test socket and only Sky hub in use.

    Sky are sending an Open Reach engineer to me so what can I expect from
    him, please?

    David, Dec 13, 2014
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  2. David

    Scott Guest

    It might be a 'her' :)
    Scott, Dec 13, 2014
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  3. It's unlikely, but you can always hope. :)

    Roderick Stewart, Dec 13, 2014
  4. David

    David Guest

    Sky at a higher level of Support have phoned me on a follow up and he
    said he had reviewed my problem and he told me I needed a reset by Open
    Reach engineer when he* comes next week. ( He used the HE too!)

    Will the OR engineer do that at my home remotely or go to my cabinet to
    do the reset?

    David, Dec 13, 2014
  5. David

    Woody Guest

    I would guess he will ring someone up who will do it for
    Woody, Dec 13, 2014
  6. David

    fred Guest

    Clearly, if it needs sleeves rolling up it will be Morris and if in
    needs tippy tapping on a keyboard it will be Doris :)

    [Apologies but I've just finished watching the London 'markets' series
    on the beeb and the disturbing sexist abuse/pawing that appears to still
    exist there had rubbed off a bit. A bit like the police in the 70s.]
    fred, Dec 13, 2014
  7. David

    Kraftee Guest

    Sky can do it themselves if they were that bothered.
    Kraftee, Dec 13, 2014
  8. David

    David Guest

    They told me they can do ADSL but at present time they can't do fiber
    only BT can reset that.
    David, Dec 14, 2014
  9. David

    Kraftee Guest

    What a bag of..................................................
    They have as much access as Openreach, they just don't want to do it (or
    should that read, don't know how to do it).
    Kraftee, Dec 14, 2014
  10. There is either within openreach or between openreach and BT wholesale,
    a complete divide between the line from the exchange or cabinet, and
    what is inside. Different teams do different things.
    The Natural Philosopher, Dec 14, 2014
  11. David

    Kraftee Guest

    As the ISP they have full control over the DLM for their customers so if
    they were really interested they could do a reset (yes fibre does use a

    If an Openreach visitor does require help, as they work thru the (never
    ending) queuing system they get the message to contact the ISP direct and
    not go in house. So obviously SKY can reset The DLM for their customers.
    On the other hand the engineers are now being told not to do onsite resets
    as the DLM should kick in and self correct after any problems have been

    You can take it any way you like but in reality this is what it is like out
    there in the real world.

    This is just another example of a service provider blaming Openreach for
    their own problems.
    Kraftee, Dec 14, 2014
  12. David

    Andy Burns Guest

    I think I'd expect a member of one of those teams to know that!
    Andy Burns, Dec 14, 2014
  13. Exactly, so when a member of Openreach (line) tells me he has no
    authority to enter the exchange, I believe him.
    The Natural Philosopher, Dec 14, 2014
  14. David

    Kraftee Guest

    Depends on which part of the country and what training they have.

    In certain parts of the country (I encountered this in London) field staff
    are not allowed to work on the MDF. Adding to that everyone who does work
    on the MDF is supposed to be accredited.

    Also not all accredited engineers are trained to work _up_to_ the ISPs HDF
    while some ISPs appear to think that they can work on the HDF equipment
    itself (very hard to do as it's all locked away in steel cabinets, but they
    still think it)

    So it is not an impossibility that a field engineer could not work on your
    local MDF/HDF and taking into consideration that they may be working out of
    area they may not even be able to enter the building itself.
    Kraftee, Dec 14, 2014
  15. David

    David Guest

    Right the male engineer as just left me, was here 30 to 45 mins. Had
    rung before arriving to say he was on his way.

    Very nice quiet chap.

    First he tested the line was ok, tested again in test socket that was ok.
    Seemed to be a few things he was carrying out with a computer unit and
    also involved a mobile phone ringing automated tests at the exchange.

    He told me line was 99.7% and that was as good as one would get at my

    He then reset the BB system and I now have 37Mb, s/n 6.2 and Attn. 24.8
    ( Was 25 Mb s/n 10.8 and Attn. 24.8 when he arrived)

    He said may get changes due to the equipment re training over the next
    days, and this might mean it returning to the low level again.
    He was surprised a customer who was not getting a break in connection or
    disruptions was bothered his speed had dropped. I suppose Joe Public
    not like us here checking our speeds and trying to get the 38 Mb we pay for.

    Thanks for the advice given me.
    David, Dec 15, 2014
  16. David

    David Guest

    Sky have just called me to follow up as they have received OR report on
    the visit and to see if I was satisfied with the result.
    Told them I was happy with my sync. speed up at 37 Mb. and line had
    proved to be good.
    When I said OR had given me the impression it might reduce again Sky
    said that was not satisfactory and if it did and I was call Sky again
    should it do so as Sky would not be happy and BT would have to solve the
    reducing problem.

    So I'm happy to say I'm well satisfied with Sky technical people in
    handling this problem for me.

    David, Dec 15, 2014
  17. Don't be surprised if it resynchronises a few times over the first few
    weeks and eventually settles at a slightly lower figure. This is what
    mine did (not Sky but same laws of physics). Mine started at about 32,
    reduced to about 25, and eventually settled about 27. Apparently this
    is normal. It might resynchronise again a few times when the weather
    changes. It is shorwave radio carried on audio cables after all.

    Roderick Stewart, Dec 15, 2014
  18. David

    Andy Burns Guest

    Might be worth the O/P downloading a free or demo version of
    pingplotter, and leaving it running every few seconds keeping a tens of
    thousands of results, that allows you to notice if there are any "red"
    gaps in the responses, sometimes you may not notice them yourself, but
    they explain why the modem/msan might prefer a slower speed to get more
    Andy Burns, Dec 15, 2014
  19. David

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Your speed will reduce as more people on your local cabinet subscribe
    to fibre, due to increased crosstalk.

    That's just a fact of life with the technology used.
    The earlier you subscribe, the more you notice the difference.
    Phil W Lee, Dec 16, 2014
  20. David

    David Guest

    Whilst that no doubt will be true that is not the reason in my case.
    Sky are happy that my line can run at my present speed and will pursue
    BT to find why and correct if it falls in steps again.
    David, Dec 16, 2014
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