OPEN Letter Msg to all VOIP providers

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by m, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. m

    m Guest

    For all thous companies with the usless completly clueless sales
    people. when I ask if I can use my own equipment I do not mean my own
    phone. Holy dumb a*** packet8 people I am still not sure if I can use
    there service with my own equipment cause .. ugh will not go there...
    they guy I spoke to had no idea what SIP was

    If your a VOIP provider and you are reading this.
    basic training.
    what the codecs you use or pass on .
    that your devices are actualy SIP clients (alot of your sales people do
    not know shocking I know!)
    what "use your own equipment" really means , not hard I have my own PAP2-NA
    and for gods sake what a asterisk 's box is. its not that hard. You
    could even give them a mini explaination. like its a software
    phoneserver that runs a mini PBX maybe explain a mini on what a PBX is..

    Oh and locked devices is great for grandma and monopolizing.
    and I am sure there is enough monies to go around. But if the consumer
    is getting heavier into the technology they will learn soon that with
    there own equipment they have more freedom. Yes your argument that the
    people will use your connection on more then one SIP phone could be bad
    ... my Golly I guess you are in capable of monitoring it and say charging
    some penelty if they do.. No lets just restrickt your market to one

    but hummmm broadvoice are so swamped in business that they can barly
    keep up. yet they are completly open and claim that if someone tryes
    to use 2 instances of there service they just charge them for it. No
    biggie win win for them.

    shows they know how it works and are capible of seeing what users want.

    Mark my word if you offer great plans (2cents a min is not great plans)
    and offer rewards for people who use there own equipment
    -no support (win win)
    -your own equipment you can support thats fine.
    -there is not alot to voip settings .. server dial plan nat if there is
    any and login/pass its not rocket science.

    oh and finaly accepting money from othere countries like canada is ok.
    frig. I have to have a american account at a bank .. like thats a common
    canadian thing to just buy your service.. give us a few more options.
    heck I don't care if I have to pre pay for the F*** year or 6 months or
    10 days ahead of each bill for that matter let me pay you so I can use
    your service.

    oh and finnaly Give nice perks for people willing to do a seminar on
    your product (you know do all the work for you pushing the product)

    heck I pay for a account and offered at a provider I will not name. and
    explained to them I would love to push them but the few cents for
    each caller was not doing it for me.

    ok maybe I am greedy .. that is not wrong

    mind my typo's this is not my first language

    m, Dec 11, 2004
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