only one processor of my dualcore chip is working in vista 64

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i just downloaded Multi Meter (Dual Core) v1.18 and it shows like i have only
    1 core working.I have a AMD64 PC. I don't think vista 64 uses both
    processors. what should i do???
    Guest, Feb 10, 2007
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  2. Guest

    Jane C Guest

    Open Task Manager, Performance tab. Do you see 2 distinct boxes under CPU
    Usage History?
    Jane C, Feb 11, 2007
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  3. You may need to install a system driver, or a BIOS update. Start with your
    mobo mfg and grab the latest BIOS for your mobo. Then check that you have
    the latest available drivers. Finally, there are also drivers on the AMD
    site. Also, just to be clear - not all AMD64 processors are dual core.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Feb 11, 2007
  4. Guest

    NuTCrAcKeR Guest

    you might consider becoming Harikrishna. They largely shun technology, and
    as a devotee, would not have to deal with such mind bending problems.
    NuTCrAcKeR, Feb 11, 2007
  5. Guest

    lewesian Guest

    I think this is eminently the most sensible reply to a topic that I
    have read here for a while.
    lewesian, Feb 11, 2007
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nope only one core is thier

    Guest, Feb 11, 2007
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    asus motherboards still haven't got vista 64 bit support drivers yet, inst
    their any other way besides this
    Guest, Feb 11, 2007
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    look in device manager under processors and there should be 2.
    Guest, Feb 11, 2007
  9. Guest

    Dennis Pack Guest

    I'm running Asus NF4 motherboards with AMD 4400x2 processors. I'm
    using the drivers installed during the Vista installation without any
    problems on 2 systems. There are 2 processors listed in device manager. What
    series AMD64 processor and motherboard are you using. Have a great day.
    Dennis Pack, Feb 11, 2007
  10. Guest

    Theo Guest

    And exactly which hole around Chicago did you crawl out of?

    Bigots are not welcome here!!!
    Theo, Feb 11, 2007
  11. Guest

    Theo Guest

    And you apparently want to associate with the previous ingrate!

    Bigots are not welcome here!!!!
    Theo, Feb 11, 2007
  12. Guest

    Theo Guest

    Vista is not the problem. Vista is only reflecting the
    information it receives from your motherboard.

    The problem is with your motherboard.

    Do you have the most current BIOS update installed?

    When your motherboard properly recognizes and reports a dual
    core CPU, then Vista will like wise recognize and report a
    dual core CPU present.
    Theo, Feb 11, 2007
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    amd atlon64 processor 3200. The thing is the drivers which asus motherboards
    provide inst compatible with vista.
    Guest, Feb 12, 2007
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how do you upgrade the BIOS

    Guest, Feb 12, 2007
  15. Guest

    Theo Guest

    What is this about? Do you have a 3200+ or do you have a 4400+?
    Theo, Feb 12, 2007
  16. Guest

    Theo Guest

    There is a section in your user's manual that will give you
    instructions on how to update the BIOS. The reason you need
    to read what's in the user's manual is to ensure you use the
    correct updating program and correct procedure. If you
    don't have a manual, then download the .PDF file from the
    Asus web site and refer to it.
    Theo, Feb 12, 2007
  17. Guest

    Aaron Kelley Guest

    The 3200+ is not dual-core (I'm pretty sure?).
    The lowest dual-core CPU is the 3800+.
    Aaron Kelley, Feb 12, 2007
  18. Guest

    John Barnes Guest

    John Barnes, Feb 12, 2007
  19. Guest

    BSchnur Guest

    Which specific Athlon -- the 3200 could well be a 754 chip. Yes it is
    an Athlon 64, but none of the 754 series are dual core.

    For that matter with the 939 series, AMD basically is pushing folks
    away from dual core there -- they had them last year -- and you can
    still track them down, but the only dual core 939's you can get readily
    are Opteron's -- designed for server environments -- nice for
    workstation overclocking *IF* you have the power supply and cooling for
    BSchnur, Feb 12, 2007
  20. Guest

    Nut Cracker Guest

    you might consider becomming <insert sect that shuns technology here>. They
    largely ...

    lighten up, francis
    Nut Cracker, Feb 13, 2007
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