Only one-eighth of the earth's surface will remain as dry land by 2020

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    The nuts are loose.

    Less land due to global warming by 2020'
    By Nonong Baliao (The Philippine Star) Updated February 11, 2010 12:00 AM

    GENERAL SANTOS CITY , Philippines - Only one-eighth of the earth's surface
    will remain as dry land by 2020, unless governments worldwide succeeded in
    bringing down greenhouse gas emissions to 2 degrees Celsius by 2017, an
    environment science professor at the University of the Philippines in Los
    Baños said.

    At present, one-fourth of the earth's surface is land, while three-fourths
    is water but because of the worsening global warming brought about by the
    unabated gas emissions into the atmosphere, both the North and South Poles
    would melt and turn vast areas into a water world.

    "With the world population projected to balloon from five to seven billion
    by then, there would be huge shortfalls in production, and supply may not be
    able to cope with ever increasing demand," said Dr. Samuel Martin in a
    position paper, "The Consequences of Global Warming and Climate Change,"
    delivered on the second day of the Philippine Councilors League' national
    conference at the Lagao Gymnasium last week.

    Later, Martin told a press forum that scientists and educators attending the
    recently concluded Copenhagen Protocol on Global Warming and Climate Change
    were one in saying that at the rate toxic gases, particularly carbon
    dioxide, were being emitted into the atmosphere, a global meltdown at 4
    degrees Celsius was imminent, and steps must be taken so that by 2020, the
    point of no return, global temperature was held down at 2 degrees Celsius.

    He said the conference was supposed to have come up with a concerted scheme
    last month yet, but because of what he described as the apparent
    pussy-footing by the key players in attendance, the protocol came up short,
    and the deadline was moved to 2012.

    "Sad to say, our world leaders could not seem to summon the political will
    to tackle the issue head-on, their equivocation driven no doubt by the
    reality that the twin problems of global warming and climate change are
    largely dictated by market forces of trade globalization," he said.

    Martin said local legislators could play a key role in addressing the
    problem at hand by coming up with concrete measures designed to protect the
    environment from crass commercialism and profit-driven endeavors disguised
    as earnest attempts at finding alternative sources of energy in the face of
    an impending power shortage.

    "Coal fuel is one. No matter how you try to justify its use, it is
    inherently bad for the environment and must not be allowed," he said.

    For a regular coal-fired power plant, he said, millions of trees will be
    needed to serve as buffer to absorb carbon dioxide and prevent it from
    getting into the atmosphere where it is trapped, forming a warm blanket over
    the earth's atmosphere.

    "But this is next to impossible, for most of our forests are gone forever to
    logging, legal and illegal, and any claims to the contrary are all hot air
    and deception," he added.
    my, Feb 11, 2010
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  2. my

    VanguardLH Guest

    And what would cause the sea level to rise? The melting polar ice. Arctic
    ice already floats atop of water so it already displaces water. There would
    be no change in sea level from Arctic melting. If the Greenland and
    Antarctic ice melted, the sea level rises by all of 220 feet. Oh yes, the
    landmass would diminish to 1/8th with that little of a rise. Swamp states
    like Florida would disappear and a good portion of Louisiana with its delta.
    The change of centuries would hardly be the disaster movie puked out by
    these pseudo-scientists desparately trying to glom onto grants that they
    cannot get without "global warming" as part of their proposed research.

    Stop believing the "artistic license" crap you see in the movies, like 2012.
    Oh yes, we all know the crust rides atop a pocket of air and why that movie
    had the land collapsing into an abyss. Or that an airplane cannot rise
    because the ground underneath is collapsing into a bogus abyss so it has to
    dodge falling buildings.

    It's amazing the crap the idiots try to slough onto the public to pander a
    scare based on economics goals that have nothing to do with real science.
    VanguardLH, Feb 11, 2010
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  3. my

    my Guest

    Trun on your spellcheck..welfare boy.

    Whats really amazing is the number of Flat Earthers in this


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    my, Feb 12, 2010
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