One of two computers can't access network

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by mikeinbvordc, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. mikeinbvordc

    mikeinbvordc Guest

    I have a laptop "Toshiba" with Atheros wireless adapter, and a desktop
    "HP" with Linksys WMP 11 PCI card wireless adapter. Both run Windows XP
    Home. There is a Linksys wireless router, which receives a wireless ISP
    signal from a rooftop antenna.

    As of now, both computers connect to Internet OK, so I assume that
    hardware and router configuration problems are ruled out. WEP is not
    enabled. On the WLAN, HP sees and accesses files on Toshiba. Toshiba does
    not see HP.

    On HP, Network Connections shows the WMP 11 enabled, and not bridged. All
    other connections (there are five) are disabled or disconnected.

    I tried the steps in Microsoft KB 308007. Toshiba can ping HP by IP
    address of the adapter and by name "HP", if I turn off the Internet
    Connection Firewall on HP. The KB article says that this means I have
    connectivity, but I don't, in that direction, and leaving the firewall off
    does not help.

    Continuing the steps, the "net user guest" command gives "account active" on
    both computers. On Toshiba, the "\\HP" command produces a "network path not
    found" error message. The Network Setup Wizard has been run repeatedly on
    both computers. The log shows nothing odd for either one. My Network
    Places on Toshiba leads to a blank screen for MSHOME, which is the network
    name. "Toshiba" and its description can be found with the search function;
    "HP" cannot be found.

    The network has worked OK in both directions, including file and printer
    sharing, in the recent past. Both computers I believe automatically download
    and install security updates.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    mikeinbvordc, Sep 2, 2004
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  2. mikeinbvordc

    bskala888 Guest

    bskala888, Aug 21, 2012
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