Omnibook internal power problem.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SWGFC, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Oct 26, 2006
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    Alright, about a month ago I bought myself a used HP Omnibook 6000.
    This notebook is in good condition all except for one aspect.
    You know the prong inside the notebook that inserts into the cord? Well it has come loose/broken on me.
    The laptop does occasionally get power, it's just that it is constantly flickering on and off. Like a piece inside is broken and the notebook is getting power one second and the next - none.
    It has gotten worse and worse since the day that this unknown (to me) piece has gotten broken.
    Something just doesn't feel right when you insert the cord into the laptop.
    It's much looser than it was the day I bought it.

    The guy I bought this notebook from told me that in order to fix this problem, a piece inside needs to be soldered.

    So I was wondering if I could fix this problem myself or if I would have to bring it to a PC repair shop.
    What I'm asking from you guys is instructions on how to get this piece soldered.
    I think I'am going to take this notebook apart and see what's wrong in there.

    I can take pictures. If you want me to, please tell me what to take pictures of and I gladly will, as I desperately want this problem fixed.

    Thank you.
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    SWGFC, Oct 26, 2006
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