Olympus D 490-Z won't turn on; common Olympus problem?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Robert Oliver, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Is it a common problem for Olympus digital cameras to "fail to power
    on"? Do they die this way often? It wouldn't seem so; Googling didn't
    turn up a lot of people complaining about this failure mode.

    Here's why I'm asking.

    I've had my Olympus D490-Z for about 3 years now, and have loved it. A
    fair amount of manual controls, but basically point-and-shoot
    reliability that produces great pictures compared to friends' cameras.
    Sure, the camera is a bit dated now, but it is still fine for my

    The problem is that just the other day, it refused to power on, and is
    essentially dead. New batteries, reseating the SmartMedia card, etc.
    are no help. I have no idea what caused this. It might have fallen off
    a car seat onto the floor, but that's not much of a jolt. Carefully
    opening and inspecting the interior revealed no obvious broken parts,
    lose wires or broken connections.

    Cost to repair by Olympus is $115 including shipping. I can buy
    another working identicle camera on eBay for less.

    So, if I'm faced with replacing the camera, I have this quandry:
    should I get another Olympus (it took great pictures) or should I
    switch brands? It died inexplicably after only 3 years. That's not
    very long for a camera that originally retailed for around $450,
    though that's not what I paid for it; closer to $260.
    Robert Oliver, Mar 1, 2004
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  2. Robert Oliver

    Dave Guest

    This is a dilemma. I wonder what the average lifetime of a typical
    electronic camera is? I bought a little Nikon and it died after three
    Dave, Mar 1, 2004
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  3. Robert Oliver

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Robert...

    I too learned the hard way with a d-460z that they won't
    tolerate any *jar* to the lens at all without failing... :(

    Might I respectfully suggest that you might consider
    writing to and asking his
    opinion and perhaps quote?

    You might have a bit of communication trouble (English
    is not his mother tongue) but he does good work, and
    at a tiny fraction of the cost of Olympus.
    (tell him I sent you if you like)

    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no relationship
    with cameracable; just like their work and prices

    Take care.

    Ken Weitzel, Mar 1, 2004
  4. Robert Oliver

    Cynthia P Guest

    I honestly don't know. But my old, non-digital, Olympus OM-2N is still
    operable and it is OLD.

    I've had an Olympus digicam C-3030 for 3 years now and so far, so
    good. I was worried earlier when I had a SmartMedia problem, but it
    turned out not to be the camera. Currently, I'm hoping it will last me
    several years more, if not longer yet.

    The camera has not had any falls though, of any kind. It may be that
    digi-cams are more susceptible to damage from this, I don't know.

    When not in use, it is always in a padded case.

    Cynthia P, Mar 1, 2004
  5. Robert Oliver

    MadHatter Guest

    Does the LCD work? If you're only having a problem with the lens
    extending for the shooting mode, then the switch under the lens cover
    might be stuck.
    MadHatter, Mar 2, 2004
  6. Robert Oliver

    Ron G Guest

    You may have lost one heck of a camera. I have a 460 and my wife a 490
    and we love them both. My 460 has taken a lot of bumps and grinds on
    hiking and boating trips and is running like a top. Recently I purchased
    a small D-560 (very cheap now) for those times when I don't want to pack
    around the much larger 460 or my 2020z (almost three years old and in
    perfect condition after very heavy use) and its aux lenses. The D-560 is
    a very, very impressive little camera. It has controls you will
    recognize and I must say the results are very, very satisfying. I just
    took a trip and put it through all kinds of paces and must say that it
    performed beautifully under many different shooting circumstances, with
    uncannily accurate exposure when using the spot metering function, and a
    fine lcd. The only weakness is that it does not have a manual ISO
    setting like the 460 and it lets in a bit less light than the 2020z. I
    bought a rechargeable CR-VE and it wants to run forever.

    Incidentally, in terms of the 460, have you thoroughly cleaned the
    battery contacts? I've had some power problems over the years fixed
    easily by a q tip or two and some good Radio Shack contact cleaner (iso
    alcholol in a pinch). Another trick is to take a metal object like a
    screw driver and really scape the contacts. In fact, this is now
    regular maintenance. It doesn't take much to gum things up. Let us
    know if this works.
    Ron G, Mar 2, 2004
  7. Good question. No -- the camera does not power up at all no matter
    what I do or what buttons I push.

    As for jarring the "extended lens" as another post mentioned -- this
    did not happen to me. As I said, I can't recall any real jolt at all.
    I think it slid off a car seat onto the floor -- but I think this
    happened *before* it stopped working. I think it powered up and took a
    few pictures after that happened. Anyway, in the past 3 years, I'm
    sure it's had one or two drops much more shocking than a 1 or 2 foot
    fall onto a carpted car floor. Always while closed, and never with any
    ill effects.

    Since it's dead with a $115 repair estimate, I carefully removed the
    cover before my original post. The switch is working fine. I suppose I
    could get a little creative and haul out the old ohm-meter (where did
    I put that?) and try to find out if there's a simple break in power
    somewhere -- but there are few wires in the camera, and they all
    seemed attached.
    Robert Oliver, Mar 2, 2004
  8. Robert Oliver

    Richard Bradley

    Oct 6, 2006
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    I just fixed the same problem, no power, no lens extraction, no LCD, nothing at all.
    What I did was try to force the door past open thinking this will probably bust off the slide and I'll have an excuse to buy a new camera. LOL
    As I did suddenly the lens extracted and LCD came on.
    When I closed the door and reopened everything went back to normal.
    I assume that the switch under the door was out of alignment or something.
    I do not recomend doing what I did, but I didnt want to dissassemble cam.
    I have had this cam for over 6 years and had no prior problems.
    Dropped once years ago from about 4 feet (holding crying grandbabys)
    and had no problems. I guess I was just lucky.
    This camera has survived about 13 vacations at Cancun beach and at least a few more I hope!!
    Richard Bradley, Oct 6, 2006
  9. Robert Oliver


    May 6, 2007
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    i have a olympus C-310 zoom and the same problem .. the camera is dead ...no lens no power on no nothing.
    The camera has 3 years old and not many work time .
    it is possible to fix this ??
    (sorry my english... ;) )
    philas, May 6, 2007
  10. Robert Oliver


    Feb 5, 2012
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    Olympus sp-600uz camera won't turn on?

    I have a camera olympus camera that has never been jarred or dropped, is kept in a nice case that is padded and secure. I can't get it to turn on. I am on a low income level now due to circumstances and when. I chose this camera I thought it would be of good (at least ) quality due to the price. it is abt 2 years old. I am not pleased at all . My friend has a kodak and it is still snapping away photos...mine is more costly and less usable. well how do i get it to turn on. New batteries didn't work. I am not a repairman and I don't think that I should have to deal with a bad product. Yes it's bad. What happened to quality...guess we traded for quantity.
    charmaine, Feb 5, 2012
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