Olympus C720

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Eigenvector, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Eigenvector

    Eigenvector Guest

    Does anyone know if this camera will accept aftermarket (or anymarket for
    that matter) add on lenses? I'd really love to have some telephoto
    capabilities and at least for the Olympus site it sounds like I'm pretty
    SOL. I realize that 8x zoom is pretty good anyway, but it would be nice to
    go a little further.

    Assuming it does, what would something like an add-on telephoto cost me?
    Eigenvector, Jul 29, 2003
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  2. I suspect your results would be better if you just bought up the line a
    little to a 10x optical zoom. I think the C-730 or C-740 will get you
    there. I just don't know if they add the extra zoom onto the wide angle
    or telephoto end of the zoom range, or both. It might be a 24-240 or a
    28-280 equivalent on a 35mm.

    Near as I can tell, the C-720 zoom is about the equivalent of a 28-225 on
    a 35mm camera, and then of course you have the option of another 3x
    digital zoom, if you are willing to lose resolution.
    Larry Caldwell, Jul 29, 2003
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  3. ??? Check at Office Max and Staples. The 730 was $100 more than the 720
    when I bought my 720 in June.
    OK. In the 35mm format, a 40mm lens is about "normal", which means it
    mimics the view of the human gaze. Some people think a 35mm lens is
    "normal" for somebody taking in a panorama, and the 50mm lens is standard
    because it mimics the "normal" attentive gaze. If you look at it with
    interest and focus with your bare eyes, the 50mm lens will capture about
    what is in your focused field of vision.

    The smaller the "negative" the shorter the "normal" lens has to be. I
    was saying that the 8x zoom on the C-720 extends from about a 0.7x wide
    angle to about a 5.5x telephoto magnification. A 10x zoom would do
    better than that, maybe 6x or 7x. I don't know, since I have never seen

    In front of the lens add-on telephoto extensions degrade the image
    quality and light gathering ability of lenses. A 1.7x extender might get
    you to 9x (about the equivalent of a 300mm or 400mm lens on a 35mm
    camera) but you will find that you will have to mount the camera on a
    tripod to hold it steady enough to take a clear picture. You will also
    have to take it out of auto mode, stop down the diaphragm and run it in
    aperture priority mode to bring the sharpness up to acceptable levels.
    When you add in the fact that Olympus doesn't recommend the tele extender
    for their ultra zooms, well, wherever you buy it, make sure they have a
    liberal return policy.

    Your results will be much better if you stick to an ultra zoom designed
    for that purpose. A 10x zoom is really quite respectable on the
    telephoto end, giving you about 6x or 7x magnification without kicking in
    the digital zoom at all. With the digital zoom, you get up to about 20x
    magnification. The image just gets grainier, or you can hold full
    quality at 1024x768 (1 megapixel) resolution. That's really respectable
    performance from a compact camera.
    Larry Caldwell, Jul 30, 2003
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