Olympus C4000 or Nikon Coolpix 995

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, May 27, 2004.

  1. Okay, so yeah--I'm only a week old as the proud new owner of the Coolpix
    5700 after having only a humble 2 megapixel Coolpix 775 in the digital
    realm. One heck of an upgrade. It's been a riot.

    Don't get me wrong--I'm having a blast with this thing. Getting some pretty
    cool photos--although hopefully much better things are to come. I'm not
    quite as hot to trot for the D100 or D70 as I was; so far anyway, having the
    5700 has calmed it down. (Maybe my failed attempts to find a cheap
    D100--figuring that would be the case since the D70 came out--had a lot to
    do with it.)

    Anyway, what I'm looking at now is getting rid of the 775 and getting
    something else for "pocket portability" types of uses. Since many have raved
    about the "swivel" Coolpixes like the 990 or 995, I've considered something
    like that for "pocket" uses.

    But of course there's the Olympus C4000--and they're still making it. Of
    course the C4000 isn't as pocketable, but it's still smaller than my 5700
    for such uses--which is what I'm looking at. I'm looking at something
    decent--better than the point & shoot 775--for "pocket" uses. Also, I don't
    know--I do hear raves for the C4000, but somehow it doesn't seem to be as
    respected as being "prosumer" whereas in that regard the Coolpix 995 and 990
    are widely loved.

    I realize the C4000 is larger than the 990 or 995, but that aside--which
    camera is more desirable, the C4000 or 995 (or 990)?

    PS--yes, I'm aware of the Coolpix 4500. I'd love it, but I'm trying to stay
    within a given price range. If I were to do that, then I'd consider the
    Coolpix 5400 or even (gasp!) the Canon Powershot G3. Those are all great but
    more than I intend to spend.


    Larry R Harrison Jr, May 27, 2004
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  2. C4000 or C5000, I'm considering the C5000 or the Canon G5. Circuit City has
    the G5 in stock right now for $499 + S/H/ tax
    The 9xx series have motor focusing issues. IOW, they wear out kinda fast.
    That's what I've read anyways. I'm sure one of the pro's will blast me.
    Remember, only the pro's know what there talking about. We the consumers are
    just a bunch of mindless idiots. Not I.

    Good luck to you,

    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
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  3. Never seen, nor heard of, any problems like motor focussing in 20,000+
    shots on the Nikon Coolpix 9xx series. Can you post a reference for your

    A small problem they do have is that after years of use, exposure to damp
    outside conditions etc, the on/off switch needs a little switch cleaner
    (which can be done from outside the camera). I upgraded from the 990 to a
    5700, and whilst I'm delighted with the 5700, I miss the compactness,
    versatility, and the tiny 24mm add-on lens!

    The 995 would make an excellent addition to your outfit.

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  4. Google it?
    "nikon 9xx problem" (9xx=(950, 990, 995))
    "nikon 9xx repair"
    "nikon 9xx loud"
    "nikon 9xx quality"
    "nikon 9xx warning"
    etc....etc...etc.... You get the idea?

    When your done reading through those thousands of posts come back and I'll
    give you several thousand more hits.

    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  5. I follow the Nikon groups on Yahoo, and I do not recgonise the following
    as being a significant issue:

    "The 9xx series have motor focusing issues. IOW, they wear out kinda

    As I indicated there are other issues with the cameras (as there are with
    all products), but "wearing out kinda fast" is not the most-often reported

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  6. Ok, so you've gone from saying:

    "Never seen, nor heard of, any problems like motor focussing in 20,000+
    shots on the Nikon Coolpix 9xx series."


    "I do not recgonise the following
    as being a significant issue"


    "but "wearing out kinda fast" is not the most-often reported

    So now you are acknowledging that there is an issue? Or not?

    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  7. No, as I said, I have never actually heard of anyone reporting the problem
    you mentioned. I have heard of reports that when the camera is dropped,
    it may not work correctly afterwards with gear problems, and I have heard
    of the on/off switch (and the battery door cover) as being frequently
    reported problems. I could not say what percentage of units has such
    problems, though.

    I will accept that you have seen these reports, although you haven't
    actually quoted a reference, and therefore that perhaps some cameras had
    an issue with motor focussing. I am trying to give you the benefit of the

    However, until you mentioned the problem, it is not one which I had heard
    of, or would have associated with that line of cameras, and I have been
    following both the Yahoo and DP Review newsgroups as time permitted over
    the past three years.

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  8. Well you report to have great knowledge in the area of Nikon cameras for
    several years. I will assume that you do. I have had very little, maybe a
    very small percentage of your knowledge and background. Yet, in the small
    amount of time that I've researched the issue of digital camera quality I
    was able to come up with a varying amount of information that you were not
    aware of. That seems odd. Maybe I was just looking for something that you
    were not?

    I was at the tire dealer the other day inquiring about a strange wear
    pattern on the front right outside of one of the new tires he recently
    installed. I am not a mechanic, backyard at best. Yet, from the small amount
    of knowledge that I had in that area of tire wear I was able to deduce that
    there was indeed an camber or caster problem. When I mentioned this to him
    he had no idea what I was talking about and said he would have to "put it on
    the alignment machine". I don't why, but that discouraged me greatly and
    worried me. Now, I am on the hunt for a mechanic who knows what camber and
    caster is. Someone who can identify by there knowledge by seeing.

    It seems that all too often these days people come to conclusions about
    issues these days without doing the necessary research to support their
    conclusions. Or assuming that they just know better for whatever perceived

    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  9. []
    All I can tell you is what I have observed. I am not saying you may not
    have observed something different.

    I am sorry I was not able to help you on this occasion.

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  10. Oh, and you have still provided no references!
    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  11. Come on David, do you think I just made it up?
    I've been through thousands of google pages in the last week and ran into
    that information as I described. Please don't require me to go and find the
    specific posts involved. You wouldn't do that to your worst enemy. Would

    And yes, you've helped me a great deal on this occasion, in addition to
    leading me to Yahoo groups. Don't assume you did not!

    Thank you,


    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  12. Oh dear. Looks like I started an argument. "The 99x sucks." "No it
    doesn't." "Yes it does." "No it doesn't."

    Didn't mean to open THAT can of worms.

    My question again was--which would be a better companion, a 995 or an
    Olympus C4000?

    The C4000 has 4 megapixels, the 995 has 3.3 megapixels but is more
    compact and seems to "get more respect" as being something of a
    "prosumer" model; I hear less such praise for the C4000.

    So--let's just assume that the 995 DOESN'T have focusing problems, and
    assume that the C4000's larger size is not a problem--which one is
    better you think?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, May 27, 2004
  13. Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  14. - the Nikon 995 is not in current production, I can't say about the

    - 4.0MP vs. 3.3MP is going to be difficult to see.

    - they have similar zoom ranges.

    - the 995 has a superbly light and compact wide-angle adapter (WC-E24)
    providing a 25mm equivalent focal length.

    - the split-body of the 995 allows some unusual shot-taking, night shots
    just using natural supports, for example.

    - any size and weight differences may matter to some people.

    - I would suggest trying both, to see how they suit you. I have found the
    995 very easu to handle, including those time when you are taking photos
    one-handed (camera above the crowd etc.).

    The Nikon uses CF storage, the Olympus Smart Media. For me, that would
    swing it to the Nikon.

    As a companion, I would go for the Nikon (I have used the Nikon 900, 990
    and 5700).

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2004
  15. OK Larry, I just bought the C4000. It seems very good so far. I've done some
    practice shots that were extremely sharp. Excellent color. Very little
    purple fringing. Excellent menu system. Excellent macros. Excellent white
    balance. Much better than the Canon A70 and A80 I just returned. I'm going
    to continue taking some practice shots and I'll post again if you'd like.

    Tyrone Jackson, May 27, 2004
  16. Larry R Harrison Jr

    eNo Guest

    It's probably more money than you want to spend, but check out the Sony
    DSC-V1. I got it for my wife as a birthday present after reading how
    compact and nimble it was, and the thing takes some amazing shots.
    Finally, after drooling for a few months, I set my Oly C-2020z aside and
    got me a Sony F717. But for a small camera with a nice piece of glass
    that takes some nice shots in a snap, the V1 is hard to beat.
    eNo, May 27, 2004
  17. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Bill Funk Guest

    My personal experience with the 4000 sucks; the camera developed
    problems writing to the card, and Oly replaced a PC board.
    The problem returned, and Oly 'cleaned & serviced' it, and sent it
    back with the same problem.
    Costco is now selling them for under $250.
    Personal opinion: Olympus has a dud on their hands, and is
    remaindering them.
    Besides, the difference between 3.x mp and 4.0 is minimal at best.
    Bill Funk, May 28, 2004
  18. Larry R Harrison Jr

    dan harring Guest

    I have the 995, C4000 and G3. In my experience, the C4000 has the best success
    rate on indoor photos without flash. Generally it captures colors most
    accurately (indoors and outdoors), with a few exception. It has a decent
    Macro, but not nearly as good as the 995. For example, they both do a good job
    on flowering plants, but for close-up details of a small object (e.g. the back
    of a penny, morning dew, etc) the 995 is magnificently superior. Conversely,
    the 995 is also best for taking distance pictures of the surrounding area from
    tall buildings, as long as it is bright mid-day, not late afternoon or early
    evening when the pictures come out blurry. What a monster - the 995 is great
    at both close-up AND distance shots. It has the look and feel of binoculars !
    If only it worked better with indoor/low light.
    Of the three, I use the G3 the least so far. The G3 has several nice features
    and accessories that the other two don't have (built-in interval-ometer, a
    remote control, swing-out rotatable LCD monitor, etc). The G3 images may need
    to be sharpened manually.
    The Olympus on-line technical support has been disappointing, I think their
    'Professor Otto' doesn't actually read the questions but just scans them for
    keywords and spits out a stock answer. When you ask for clarification or
    resubmit the question, it really gets insulting. (Unless it's a real easy
    question, I suppose they can help.) Canon on the other hand did a good job
    answering my question, without beating around the bush.
    The bundled software that came with the 995 included a free version of Genuine
    Fractals (GF 2.0 LE) which works nicely with my old free version of Adobe
    PhotoDeluxe. It may also work with the latest versions of IrfanView.
    The Oly uses Smart Media, the other two use Compact Flash.
    The lens cover on the C4000 is cumbersome; the G3's is nice.
    All three have good battery life.
    My 995 is showing signs of age (the Multi selector 4-way button). I wonder if
    any of its Coolpix successors are as good, at the things I mentioned?

    dan harring, May 28, 2004
  19. Done!! The Olympus C4000 is a big winner with me!! Its doing everything
    excellent!! Get one before there all gone!! I got the last one at Costco for
    $249 minus 10% because it was a floor model. $243 out the door!
    Rated 10 out of 10!!

    This is my personal experience!

    Tyrone Jackson, May 28, 2004
  20. Those are fabulous photos! I'm really looking foreword to enjoying my new
    C4000. Had it for the day so far and it does everything excellent! Very
    sharp, crisp and true to life colors. My wife was really impressed. Now she
    wants to put her Sony to rest.

    Tyrone Jackson, May 28, 2004
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