Olympus C-5050 or C-5060?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Mark, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I am looking at getting either an Olympus C-5050 or a C-5060 soon to
    replace my old Oly D-560 but I am unsure about which one to get.
    I know the 5060 is newer but I'm not sure if the additional features
    are worth it for me, an amateur. I have used the 5050 before ( a
    friends) and was very pleased with the results and feel but would like
    to hear from those who have actually used both if possible.

    Mark, Jun 3, 2004
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  2. Mark

    Bob Thomas Guest

    Check in to the following group which caters for both cameras. My
    reading of that group would suggest staying with the 5050 (which I
    have) as it is a proven camera without the question marks which seem
    to hang over the 5060. The 5060 has been having some breakdowns and


    Bob T.
    Bob Thomas, Jun 4, 2004
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  3. Mark

    Don Guest

    Bought a 5060 about 3 months ago and it really is great beautiful pictures,
    no glitches, really long battery life. Many many features and I am learning
    to use them but slowly(one thing that is really neat is the aided panorama
    mode.) An example of a feature I have not grown into is the RAW format (ORF
    file). The picture recorded in ORF looks superb and the file is smaller
    that the TIF but if I want to do more with the file than the limited CAMDIA
    PRO S'ware can do. I have to convert the file and then I loose the advantage
    associated with the RAW format. The learning curve for the 5060 seems a bit
    steep but maybe I am getting older. Even so the camera is far more intuitive
    than the first two Nikon digitals we bought at work

    The biggest difference from the 5050 and the one that clinched it for me was
    the "27-110mm" equivalent lens. It is super sharp but more importantly my
    wife does real-estate shoots and I do a lot of city pictures. We couldn't
    live with out the wide angle. True you gain a stop with the 5050, but the
    noise reduction s'ware more than makes up for it in low light situations.

    Most of the reviews of the 5060 have been very good. I don't know about you
    but the first thing I look for in the review is picture quality, the 5060
    seems to be way up there in all the reviews I have read

    Final thoughts if you don't need the wide angle lens, and you can find a new
    5050 and save 15-20% over the current 5060 street price, and the cost is a
    real factor buy the 5050. If you really need a long lens digital you might
    want to look at the image stabilized Panasonics, again their pix quality is
    very good.
    Don, Jun 4, 2004
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