OK to use DVD/CD burner in one unit?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by JTJersey, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. JTJersey

    JTJersey Guest

    I see DVD burners and CD burners incorporated into one unit for sale. I'd
    like to use a single device instead of having separate units for each
    operation. Less wiring, keeps a drive bay free, etc. Is there any
    disadvantage in using one of these? I'm wondering about failure rates due
    to the extra complexities and such. Thanks.
    JTJersey, Dec 4, 2004
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  2. JTJersey

    HF Guest

    HF, Dec 4, 2004
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  3. JTJersey

    Thor Guest

    I've not found them to be any more or less reliable than any other type of
    burner. For that matter, pretty much all DVD burners will burn CDs as far as
    I've seen.

    Thor, Dec 4, 2004
  4. JTJersey

    Plato Guest

    There is no increase in failure rate compared to any other cd writing
    device. If you do have an available slot tho it's nice to have 2 cd
    drives. ie no need keeping a bay free for no reason :) Fill them suckers
    Plato, Dec 4, 2004
  5. JTJersey

    Thor Guest

    unless you tote your machine to the occasional LAN party, in which case
    lighter can definitely be better. I went to an all-aluminum case and just a
    single DVD burner because I got tired of lugging a beast of a machine up and
    down basement steps, etc. Made a big difference, putting my PC on a diet. I
    bet it dropped 15 pounds easily. My old case was all steel (except bezel),
    and had heavy thick steel removable side panels. :)
    Thor, Dec 4, 2004
  6. JTJersey

    Plato Guest

    Grin. Yeah it's actually amazing how the weight of all your drives can
    add up. Heck, yeah, the case also.
    Plato, Dec 4, 2004
  7. JTJersey

    dan Guest

    All DVD Burners are CD burners as well

    dan, Dec 4, 2004
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