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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. PhilÅ

    PhilÅ Guest

    Have just signed up with Sipgate..

    Nice and easy, I like the 1000 tariff at £5.90 this is half my current line
    rental and is ample.

    Anyways.. I have not got a IP phone yet, and was going to try it out with
    software on the PC, so where can you get calling software from, if any???

    And after this, I plan to connect either all my analogue phones to some sort
    of box that plugs into the router, or a phone to plug into the router??.

    Any recommendations.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005
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  2. PhilÅ

    PhilÅ Guest

    Have found x-lite, downloading
    PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005
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  3. PhilÅ

    Ivor Jones Guest

    X-Lite is fine as far as it goes, but if you really plan to use 1000
    minutes a month (and remember that tariff is not good value unless you do)
    then a hardware solution is far more satisfactory.

    There are several options for ATA's (adaptors), my personal favourite is
    the Sipura SPA-2000 which gives you two fully independent phone ports
    which can be configured with different service providers if you wish.

    Remember that if you don't use £5.90 of calls in a month (and unless
    you're running a business it's unlikely) then you're better off with the
    normal prepay option, assuming Sipgate, as there is no monthly charge for

    Also note that unless you are on cable and cancel your phone line with
    them, you will still have to pay BT for a line rental.

    Ivor Jones, Aug 1, 2005
  4. PhilÅ

    Dexter Guest

    So did they charge you 5.99 or TEN POUNDS which they will charge you
    again next month or have they altered their robbing ways since I
    complained about this a week ago to my local trading standards office
    Dexter, Aug 1, 2005
  5. PhilÅ

    PhilÅ Guest

    Opps, they have not got my bank details yet.. Should I be worried??
    PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005
  6. PhilÅ

    PhilÅ Guest

    Hi Ivor, have only had a quick look around your ata is around £75, but have
    found a Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter with 2 Ports for Voice-over-IP
    for half that??. Appears to do the same?? Am I wrong?
    PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005
  7. PhilÅ

    Graham Guest

    X-Lite available from www.xten.com
    or go straight to the download page here http://snipurl.com/4d1g



    Graham, Aug 1, 2005
  8. PhilÅ

    Ivor Jones Guest

    I believe it's similar but I haven't tried one myself. Beware some of them
    are locked to Vonage.

    Ivor Jones, Aug 1, 2005
  9. PhilÅ

    Ian Guest

    You should be seeing everone start to discount their old SPA2000 stock as
    the SPA2002 takes over and the 2000 is retired.

    Ian, Aug 1, 2005
  10. PhilÅ

    PhilÅ Guest

    I have found a linksys one.

    I need to replace my router anyway, and have found this linksys one which is
    a wired and wireless router with 2 voip ports built in. Looks like it fixes
    2 problems I am trying to sort out this month..

    Just had a online live chat with linksys support to check a few things
    including xbox live compatibility. Looks great from what I can see.
    PhilÅ, Aug 1, 2005
  11. no, tha tis indeed near-identical guts in a different package. Even if
    it wasn't the functionality is the same.

    Phil Thompson, Aug 2, 2005
  12. I wouldn't be, I'm sure this isn't a case of Dexter ignoring the minimum
    £10 top up in the (not) small print in the credit your account section
    (understandable when you consider handling fees charged for bank
    transfers/CC payments and the low-profit margin associated with this
    type of business), and that his account was credited with the remaining
    £4.10 but that he did indeed have a valid compaint.

    I can only speak from my experience, and by their terms and conditions I
    have never been overcharged for anything.
    Thomas Rankin, Aug 3, 2005
  13. PhilÅ

    Dexter Guest

    I am not arguing about the 4.10 being credited Thomas the point is
    name me one other company or store that takes more money from its
    customers than the charge they require to be paid .
    I don't know if anyone noticed that Sipgate was down once more this
    afternoon for about 30 minutes between 3.30 and 4 pm thank God for
    Vonage .
    Neither have I but the fact remains that they have still got 3.20 of
    my money out of the 4.10 that they " borrowed" and I would dearly love
    to get rid of Sipgate for good .
    Dexter, Aug 5, 2005
  14. I've never heard you mention that you were credited the difference, this
    is all covered in sipgates terms and conditions.
    Was fine here, the boy was using it all day. (looking at cdr, including
    the time syou state).

    (has managed to rack up nearly 400 mins since the 30th talking to his GF).

    Of course my connection to sipgate doesn't require using their STUN
    server, so maybe that's why I seem to have more luck.
    I can understand why they do it, they'll be charged generally around 50p
    a transaction charge when paying money into their account, and since
    they don't make a vast profit on each transaction it is only fair enough
    that they don't want people transferring pennies into their account.
    Thomas Rankin, Aug 5, 2005
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