Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Alek Trishan, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest


    "Comcast’s Xfinity wireless hotspots present a Web page for login that
    requests a customer’s account ID and password, and each time you connect
    to a new hotspot it re-authenticates you. But if you’ve connected once
    during the day, the hotspot remembers your device and reconnects you
    without prompting.

    "That means that if someone were to set up a malicious Wi-Fi access
    point called “xfinitywifi,” devices that have connected to Xfinity’s
    network before could automatically connect without alerting the user or
    asking for the password. "

    Would that WAP have zero security? If you were set to deliver your
    Xfinity account's ID and password, how would it know to connect you?

    Or is it the point that it would capture your Xfinity account's ID and
    password and tell you, "Sorry, cannot connect" or something??
    Alek Trishan, Jun 25, 2014
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  2. Alek Trishan

    Shadow Guest

    It probably uses a super-secret userID that blackhats will
    never crack.
    Just stay calm, I'm sure if there was any datamining or
    privacy issues the NSA would have patched them. That's what it does,
    keeps you safe and secure.

    PS Real meanings of "safe" and "secure" have not made it to
    the Urban Dictionary yet. Or maybe they have, but you can't see them.
    For your "safety".
    Shadow, Jun 25, 2014
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