Officially failed 70-305 today !

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Vern, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Vern

    Vern Guest

    I was a Cobol Programmer for 25 years and got outsourced with a
    severence package. They authorized paid retraining so I took the
    Skillsoft, 20 course CBT type training aimed at the MCSD. I don't want
    to be a designer, been there and done that so the MCAD has 3 tests and
    I do want to be a Developer, which I have been doing for 28 years
    mainly on mainframes and Unix.

    Got a 622 ........700 to pass...heck, when I finished that I thought I
    got 300...being a good test taker bumped that up I guess.

    The test was nothing like the practice tests. The practice tests
    usually covered one area and then had simple situations.

    Most of these led off a real world problems with a huge paragraph
    describing the situations, and then you had to apply different areas
    when they finally ax'ed what the question was.

    I had 3 hours....I finished in 90 min. I knew the answers for sure on
    about 10% of the test. Had an idea on about 50 % and flat a**ed
    guessed and used process elimination on the rest (most) of the test.

    Then there were areas that weren't covered in the training.

    I'll quit was only $125 down the drain....and I'm not
    working !

    ~ Vern
    Vern, Mar 20, 2007
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  2. Vern

    Eric Guest

    The blue study guides from Gunderloy and Kalani are the best because
    they focus on teaching you the material. Just passing the test isn't
    good enough for a job.

    But you may want to start out with the newer MCPD series now.
    Unfortunately, Kalani's new set of books isn't out yet.

    You best bet is to learn the fundamentals and get an entry level job.
    I know you're not young, but you need to hire in at a level where you
    can perform. If you hire at the entry level you can learn more on the
    company's dime. Then you can get a better job in one or two years.

    I was also a COBOL programmer. Now I'm a senior .NET developer. It
    takes a LOT of effort, so you need to ensure that's what you rally
    want to do. I'd say .NET is about 500 times more complex than COBOL,
    especially when you factor in the web and Windows APIs. We're not in
    Kansas anymore.

    With your background you might find that C# lines up better than VB.
    VB is mostly used by younger people and people who migrate from VB6.
    At the senior level most jobs are for C#. I'm not saying C# is better
    than VB, but it's smaller and easier to learn, especially for someone
    without a VB6 background. And it pays more...go figure!

    Eric, Mar 23, 2007
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