Office XP and Office 2007 on the same machine

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I have a neighbor that wants me to tutor her on Excel 2007 -- she really
    wants me to do her class, but I think I can get a few of her classmates to
    pay for instruction and assistance -- but I have Office XP loaded on all of
    my machines, and prefer it to the new version.

    Can I install Office 2007 to a separate folder and have two versions of
    Office on the same machine? Alternatively, can I install Office to an
    external drive and run it from there?

    I want to install the new version of MS Office so that I can review the
    course work before I am faced with instructing it, but I do not want to
    replace the Office that I already have.
    Jeff Strickland, Feb 27, 2008
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  2. Jeff Strickland

    sandy58 Guest

    If I remember correctly it's not possible to install both on the same
    sandy58, Feb 27, 2008
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  3. That's what I was thinking. Two versions of Office on the same machine would
    present Registry issues. I was hoping that perhaps installing one version on
    an external drive might do the trick, but the Install requires files to be
    loaded into the WINDOWS system folder, and this is where the conflict takes
    Jeff Strickland, Feb 27, 2008
  4. Jeff Strickland

    Kevin Guest

    What about simply getting a laptop and installing it on that? Dell is
    currently having some really attractive prices on their Vostro line of
    laptops. And, for more savings, take a look at the Dell Outlet. You can
    get a fairly nice laptop for under $500, both new and used. You could even
    get a desktop for much less.
    Kevin, Feb 28, 2008
  5. Jeff Strickland

    sandy58 Guest

    Dual OS is about the best bet. One more HDD?
    sandy58, Feb 28, 2008
  6. We already have 5 'puters in the house, and only 4 users. I haven't enough
    desk-space for another.

    I can install Office '07 onto one of the machines I already have, but I
    don't really want Office '07 at all. I prefer to install it on some sort of
    "disposable" resource so it does not disrupt the other apps I already have.
    I can install, then uninstall later, but that's a PIA. It has to be done
    that way though ...
    Jeff Strickland, Feb 28, 2008
  7. Dual OS? That requires the purchase of another OS though.

    Thanks, I'll just have to put Office '07 onto a laptop that is running
    Office XP now, then reinstall XP when the project is complete, or have my
    kid learn to like '07.
    Jeff Strickland, Feb 28, 2008
  8. Jeff Strickland

    sandy58 Guest

    You can have the same OS on both...with a version of Office on each.
    sandy58, Feb 28, 2008
  9. Jeff Strickland

    sandy58 Guest

    PS. It's a bit of a hassle just to keep one Office for you & have the
    other to teach someone else. Pure dedication, Jeff. Instant OBE for
    that. :)
    sandy58, Feb 28, 2008
  10. Jeff Strickland

    Buck Guest

    What are you? A salesman??
    Buck, Feb 29, 2008
  11. Jeff Strickland

    sandy58 Guest

    Kiwi, I don't see any useful input from you. Do you see me flogging
    anything or have you been hitting the gange too much? Why dontcha sod
    off & play with your "motorola" sonny.
    sandy58, Feb 29, 2008
  12. Jeff Strickland

    Buck Guest


    Hook, line, AND sinker ;o)
    Buck, Feb 29, 2008
  13. No problem. During the install, when you're prompted for the locstion to
    install Office, click browse and select a separate directory for it. I've
    had 2 or 3 different versions of Word and Excell on the same machine.

    Gene Pallat

    Orion Data Systems
    Orion Forensics
    Eugene A. Pallat, Mar 3, 2008
  14. Oh really?

    I was worried about issues with the registry, and repeated DLLs, that sort
    of thing.

    If my current directory is Office, then all I need to do is make a new
    directory called Office 07 and install to it? I know there are DLLs and
    stuff like that that go to the WINDOWS folder, and registry entries are
    made. If I can click on Excel 07 or Excel XP and not have issues with
    different DLLs and whatever else there might be, then I'm golden.

    I've always only had one version of Office components installed. I've used
    every version that ever came down the line, starting with versions that ran
    on DOS4 or 5 -- I used Windows 3.0. Anyway, thanks, I did not know I could
    run different versions on the same machine.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 3, 2008
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