Odd situation or maybe not.

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Drew, May 2, 2012.

  1. Drew

    Drew Guest

    So here we go I seem to be getting crap e-mails from one of and
    sometimes 2 of my e-mail addresses. They are addressed to some of but
    not all my contacts. I get them on my home computer, my work computer,
    and my cell phone. Now the interesting part. I have no address book that
    I know of on my computer as I know all my contact addresses and use my
    memory rather than a contact list. I have run every scan that you can
    think of both normally and in safe mode using Avast as well as
    Malwarebytes.I am not sure if this is what they call spoofing or what
    but needless to say it is tiresome as friends and family are getting a
    tad ticked about getting them.I am very careful about where I surf and
    what info is given out and it is neither of these addresses that would
    be. These e-mail contain random words or sometimes a link to something
    like "Hey I am buying a new home this year" as well as a link to see
    some crap I am sure.

    Any ideas or a direction would be unbelievably appreciated!!
    Drew, May 2, 2012
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  2. This isn't a 64-bit computing question, probably.

    Your regular contacts expect to be able to white-list
    (accept and trust) e-mail from you - which is why a
    spammer is using your addresses as sender.

    Although you may not have an address book, your
    e-mail messages and other documents contain addresses.
    That also goes for people who are your contacts.
    Addresses may also be in some caches. Also,
    the e-mail server that you use could be compromised.

    The spammer probably isn't using your computer or
    reproducing the header lines in e-mail that can
    identify for instance the program that you're using
    for e-mail - unless they are.

    You could change your address for sending e-mail,
    and tell friends to blacklist the old one. But keep
    it for anything that you need to receive at the old

    A few years ago, someone did research and found that
    an e-mail address that contains the letters "spam",
    or perhaps "nospam", would be filtered out from
    spammers' target lists as, presumably, probable
    deliberately tampered and unusable addresses, and
    (at the time) not worth deciphering when there are
    plenty more of more careless victims. So if that
    simply is your actual e-mail address, then
    apparently you're surprisingly safe. Spammers
    also apparently don't like to attack ".mil",
    and variations on it.

    Virus and malware scanners aren't perfect; they can
    be deceived by malware itself when it's running.
    And a recent internet virus exists in Java only in
    memory, apparently, and not in disk files where it
    can be scanned. To avoid such threats as far as
    possible, use the latest maintenance and security
    releases of Java and other software products, as far
    as you can.
    Robert Carnegie, May 2, 2012
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  3. Drew

    Drew Guest

    Thanks as always for your response R.C.. Although not a whiz like some I
    have always been a little paranoid about security and I am and have
    always been if anything overly careful about things I do and places I go
    as well as not opening anything that looks even the slightest bit
    suspect. The issue probably originated from elsewhere but since my
    family is not as "careful" as I and as you said trusting in my address
    it probably originated or multiplied from them. I will probably do as
    you say and abandon those addresses for all but received mail. That will
    definitely get more scrutinized.

    Thanks again
    Drew, May 3, 2012
  4. Drew

    Drew Guest

    Robert. Thanks for the info and yes I incessantly update both antivirus
    and antimalware as soon as possible as well as run "quick"scans every
    other day and a full scan every Sunday. I am kind of a nut for security
    in all regards of computer life.
    Drew, May 3, 2012
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