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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Brad Pears, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Brad Pears

    Brad Pears Guest

    I do not currently have any "certifications" to my credit - just the
    computer programmer/analyst diploma I earned at college 23 years ago!! I
    have been working in the IT field mainly as a programmer/analyst until more
    recent years. I am now in more of a sys admin role. I figure it is high
    time I got certified for something! I could purchase the books and do it
    that way - but I think I personally (to each his own right??) would benefit
    more from doing it using on-line curriculum etc... I don;t live in an area
    where I can actually go to school (too far to drive) so it's either self
    study with the MS press books or an online solution.

    My question is this... There are many schools/ training companies etc...
    that offer the MCSE cert online - some of which are most likely better than
    Has anyone here got their MCSE cert using online curriculum and if so who
    could you recommend? Even if you have not got the MCSE I would appreciate
    any recommendations. I was about ready to sign up with QuickCert as they
    sounded great and are a registered MS training partner etc... but then got
    spooked after reading some bad press... Apparently their material is ok BUT
    they lack the quantity of material to pass the exams... ie... did not cover
    what they needed to in order to successfully write the exams... I am sure
    there are lots of success stories too - but that was enough to scare me off
    of them....

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!

    Brad Pears, Jan 13, 2010
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  2. Brad Pears

    John R Guest

    I was very much in the same situation as yourself. Worked as a
    programmer/analyst (Cobol, RPG, assembly, Dibol, Basic, etc) from 1978 until
    about 1995, then started moving more and more into system administration.
    Eventually, I became the sys admin for a small company of about 12 people,
    and we were later absorbed into a larger company where I was able to migrate
    into the IT department. I can tell you this... Self study as well as
    experience worked for me. My employer put it on my goals list to get
    certified. Inside a month, I had MCDST, in 6 months I had MCSA, and a
    little while after that I had MCSE.

    I used MS Press books, along with TestOut CBTs. I built a home network with
    MSDN versions of Server 2003, and Windows XP running in virtual machines. I
    did the labs in the books, I took the practice tests that came with them.
    What I didn't already know, I practiced on my 'network'. I never
    'sub-optimized' a test.

    No testing software is going to come close to the questions you'll face on
    the tests, I don't care what the people trying to sell them to you say.
    However, if you follow the published objectives, you'll do fine.

    Before shelling out thousands of dollars on some website, I would highly
    recommend you go that route for at least the first couple tests. If it is
    not working out for you, then consider paid training. Once you get your
    feet wet and pass a test or two, you'll have the confidence to move forward
    without them.

    Best of luck to you.

    John R.
    John R, Jan 15, 2010
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