Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by deloid, May 27, 2005.

  1. deloid

    deloid Guest

    Obsolescence has comes in various forms. Regarding cameras obsolescence can
    be one of functionality and tecnnological changes that beg the photographer
    to consider their camera no longer useful. Another form is that of the
    parent company's lack of parts or willingness to repair the camera.

    I just experienced the latter.

    As an owner of mechanical watches (preference) I know that every few years I
    have to shell out hundreds of dollars for cleaning of a timepiece that is
    less accurate than quartz.

    My choice.....I like the mechanics.

    I still Have my Canon F1 and the family of FD lenses that occasionally need
    repair after 25 years of ownership.

    My choice.

    I bought the Canon powershot G1 and enjoyed the instant gratification of
    digital views and was contemplating purchasing a top-of-the-line Nikon but I
    worry. I worry since the last time I sent my canon powershot in for repair I
    received a letter stating that this camera could no longer be repaired.

    That means that the real lifespan of that consumer grade camera was three
    years or so. Well, computers do the same thing so should that be a big
    deal.....probably not.

    What happens though with the more expensive cameras such as the Nikon D2X;
    will it last longer and will they continue to repair this wonderful piece of
    technology for a few years? Longer?

    Wish I could tell the future before emptying my wallet.
    deloid, May 27, 2005
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  2. deloid

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    Welcome to the wonderful world of throw-away.

    Get with the program. Send your dollars to the far east,
    watch your jobs disappear along with any hope of careers
    for our young folks, and fill up the landfills. Consume all
    of the world's resources today, like there was no tomorrow.

    I hate it as badly as you do :(

    Ken Weitzel, May 27, 2005
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  3. deloid

    clutch Guest

    I had a flash go out on a 14 month old Sony. No fixie unless one paid
    ~ what I paid for it new for a repair. Message was clear, buy a new
    one. BTW, the new one is awesome and the old one I shoot in daylight
    A lot of markets exist because of one's appreciation of what went into
    making a product. With technology being what it is, my last digital
    watch that died hasn't been replaced for over 4 years. I got a clock
    in my PDA, car radio, cameras, cell phone, GPS.

    There are some neat mechanical watches out there. Always wanted one
    of those fancy chronograph EA6B things. If I had one, I'd likely pay
    to keep it working.
    Still have mine. Right here on the desk, some film I ordered from BH
    and a wein cell, Going to take it out, might be the last hurrah
    though. I'd love a digital back for it :) It feels real.

    Ground glass focusing screen and microprism center. Try to manual
    focus with a DSLR. Bud brought in a D70 the other day. I wanted to
    shoot manual focus, gave up on that.
    Well it is something to consider when purchasing one. I'd like to
    know the MTBF of the shutter on a digicam. If a p&s is going to make
    10,000 pictures and die, I'd like to factor it into the total cost.
    Guys with dslr's need to know if the life is going to be 50,000 or
    Likely a few extra years. Maybe a 7 year camera?
    There is the chance that in 7 years the D2X will be replaced by
    something that makes you want it and put a still working D2X on the

    I just wonder how long we will be able to get 35mm film and
    processing. I must be getting maudlin, I was thinking that recording
    the sound of a SLR's shutter for posterity might be a good thing.
    There is a sweet sound to a good old film slr.

    Maybe someone should start a web site. Sounds of the old cameras at
    various shutter speeds with and w/o mirror lockup.

    I know how you feel.

    clutch, May 27, 2005
  4. deloid

    ecm Guest

    Huh, that really sucks a lot. I think it speaks for Canon's throw-away
    CUSTOMER attitude more than anything else. I sure wouldn't buy anything
    else from them if they refused to repair a 4-1/2-year-old, $900 (MRSP)
    camera. I'd bet there's a few people with extended warranties still
    around, too.

    ecm, May 28, 2005
  5. deloid

    Sheldon Guest

    I've done the same thing, and can't believe what it costs to just get a
    "decent" watch cleaned. When it comes to some of the more expensive brands,
    and rarer watches, they will actually make parts if you need them -- for a

    You can still get older Nikon lenses upgraded to AI so they will fit the new
    digital cameras, but not by Nikon. You can even get some of the older
    lenses upgraded with chips so they will work with the newer metering
    systems, but not by Nikon. IMHO the same thing will happen with better DSLR
    cameras. Somebody will see the niche and fill it with their expertise, and
    maybe parts from dropped and damaged DSLR's.
    Sheldon, May 28, 2005
  6. deloid

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I would expect, since the camera is targeted to the professional, that
    repair would be offered quite a bit longer than for 'consumer' grade
    cameras. Perhaps the Nikon folks would give you some assurances in that
    area, if you asked them...
    Ron Hunter, May 28, 2005
  7. deloid

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Yeah, Wes, don't you just pine for the old days when a 90 mile trip
    meant at least 2 flats, and you had to fix them YOURSELF. I sure do, in
    a pig's eye!
    Some things are better forgotten.
    Perhaps when the digital photography market is as mature as the 35mm
    camera market, the lifespan of the cameras will increase. Right now
    there is really no market force driving manufacturers to make their
    cameras last 50 years. And, yes, I do have several cameras that are
    that old, or older.
    Ron Hunter, May 28, 2005
  8. deloid

    clutch Guest

    I have a feeling you are not talking about a bicycle tour :)
    clutch, May 28, 2005
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