NVTMR SPRM (Navigational Timer System Parameter) in DVD spec - do set top players support it?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Leviathan, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Leviathan

    Leviathan Guest

    I don't have a lot of DVD players to try this out on, but I've made a DVD
    that uses the NVTMR system parameter as a method to just play back a specific
    chapter without continuing on to the next one. This works fine in PowerDVD,
    but it does not work on my stand alone player (a cheap Samsung progressive
    scan player). The timer apparently doesn't work, since the player keeps on
    playing after it should stop.

    Is the NVTMR parameter commonly supported by DVD players? Is mine an
    exception, or are players that properly use this parameter the exception?

    I found another (better) way to do what I wanted to do (I didn't realize I
    could put the same tracks in multiple PGC's without duplicating data, which
    isn't an option, since this DVD is pretty much full), so this doesn't really
    "matter" (in this case, at least), but it still seems odd that my DVD player
    doesn't support one of the supposedly-required system registers.

    Are there other features of the DVD standard that aren't widely supported by
    set-top DVD players?
    Leviathan, Aug 9, 2003
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