[nVidia driver] Modify INF file to avoid nView. How?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by tasTDasd, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. tasTDasd

    tasTDasd Guest

    I'm going to mount an FX 5200 PCI video card on a very old Win98 SE PC.
    I've got the driver from the manufacturer (81.98 for Win9x/me).

    The capacity of the HDD on that very old PC is only 2.5G, and almost
    exhausted. I need to save as much HDD space as possible. And I'm sure
    there'll not be dual monitors. So I'm planning to forsake nView. But, to
    my knowledge, there is no option to cancel nView at driver install on a
    Win9x/me PC. But I heard that you may modify the INF file to get rid of
    nView, which I'm interested to try myself.

    It's surely very helpful to consult an INF file that's already modified.
    But I can not find one. (I've checked NGO who is said to have produced
    some no-nView INF's)

    So, can anybody point me to a no-nView INF?

    Or provide any instructions on how to avoid/remove nView?
    tasTDasd, Mar 23, 2008
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  2. tasTDasd

    Pennywise Guest

    The drivers are likely wraped in an installer, you either uncompress
    the installer OR start the install then go to your temp directory

    Start | Run <type in>

    There will be a new directory, look in there for your .INF file - you
    can change/edit it there as well, Or delete programs you don't wish
    installed; it's iffy how it will act, accept the fact that it's not
    there and go on or complain and quit.
    Pennywise, Mar 23, 2008
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  3. tasTDasd

    tasTDasd Guest

    Yes, the INF file I talked about is wrapped in an installer, and can be
    extracted with WinZip, then edited. But I don't know which file and
    registry entry to chop. So I hope I can find an INF file that's already
    modified for the exclusion of nView.

    The INF filename is NVAGP.INF. Here is a copy of it:

    tasTDasd, Mar 23, 2008
  4. tasTDasd

    Pennywise Guest

    I'd delete the following:

    NV.Copy.nview = 10,nview
    NV.Copy.nview.Quadro = 10,nview


    Search for and remove all references to: NV.Copy.nview




    That's just the obvious and only a suggestion.
    Pennywise, Mar 23, 2008
  5. tasTDasd

    tasTDasd Guest

    Great help! Thanks.

    And I saw those cute (and amazing) animal pics. They made my day!
    tasTDasd, Mar 23, 2008
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