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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Peter Watson, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Peter Watson

    Peter Watson Guest


    I'm thinking about porting my BT phone number to Sipgate (I use Virgin
    cable for broadband) but have a concern about what happens if Sipgate
    ever were to cease their service...

    Would I be able to port the number again to another VOIP provider (or
    even back to BT if I'm not happy with VOIP)?

    I've seen references about porting of Sipgate numbers to Gradwell (for
    instance) but the numbers were Magrathea originally rather than BT - Not
    sure if moving an ex-BT number around makes a difference?

    Grateful for any advice, even "Don't Do It!!" if appropriate :)


    Peter Watson, Jan 21, 2011
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  2. Sipgates upstream is Magrathea - and they have a large number of resellers
    - my understanding is that they may be approached to take things over
    should the worst happen to Sipgate..
    In principle, yes. However not all telephone companies have porting
    agreements with everyone else (other than BT) Going back to BT will
    incur a new installation fee, long term contract and might actually be
    impossible if you've moved to a different exchange code... (Or they'll
    put a permanent divert on it for the small fee of £22.50 a month approx)
    Magrathea and Gradwell have a cross-porting agreement, so it ought to
    be possible.
    Remember that porting a number in will *cease* all services on your BT
    line - including broadband. If you have a separate broadband provision
    then it'll be fine.

    Gordon Henderson, Jan 22, 2011
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  3. Peter Watson

    Peter Watson Guest

    So does porting a BT number mean it becomes Magrathea's and therefore
    subject to any agreements thay have? At least that would mean that the
    number doesn't belong to Sipgate so is therefore 'safe'...
    I'm not expecting to want or have to go back to BT and understand the
    contractual issues of going back...
    As above, if the ported number belongs to Magrathea rather than their
    re-seller this makes me feel more comfortable about the proces.
    Happy for the BT line to cease - This is why I'm contemplating porting
    to save the line rental. However, like I suspect many, the actual
    number is worth more to me than the service as it would be a pain to
    notify all contacts if it were to change.
    Thanks for your reply Gordon :)
    Peter Watson, Jan 22, 2011
  4. It's a funny old thing... From what I gather, numbers don't "belong"
    to anyone... They're defined by Ofcom then given/rented/leased out to
    telcos who then do with them what they need.

    In this case, one telco (Magrathea) is managing the technical side of the
    numbers for another company (SG) one step down the chain as it were, so
    if the end company goes phut, then the holding company still holds those
    numbers and subject to any contractual agreements with the end-company
    I suppose they could do anything they wanted with them..

    At least that's my understanding! (And I'm also a customer of Magrathea,
    like Sipgate, although my target is somewhat different)
    I can't see SipGate going belly-up in the foreseeable future, but I'm sure
    that if they did, someone else would step in to take their place...

    Gordon Henderson, Jan 23, 2011
  5. Peter Watson

    John R Guest

    Are sipgate in any kind of problem? I have a number registered with
    John R, Jan 26, 2011
  6. This is how rumours start, and companies can suffer. Read the top post
    carefully again, especially the "I can't see SipGate going belly-up in the
    foreseeable future", which appears to be an opinion expressing faith in the
    continued reliability of Sipgate, nothing else.
    Harry Stottle, Jan 26, 2011
  7. Peter Watson

    John R Guest

    It was more this comment that caught my eye
    My apologies as I now realise I read it wrong.
    John R, Jan 26, 2011
  8. Peter Watson

    Graham. Guest

    Don't be too apologetic :)

    I have no idea how many families have lived in this house since it was built,
    but I do know it has had the same phone number since it was connected
    in the 1930s
    I doubt if Sipgate will guarantee it for a further 75 years ;-)

    Looks like it's just a one-off £20 fee + £5 to keep your phonebook
    entry. The article seems to end abruptly, I wonder if there is more?

    Still, if my broadband could arrive on separate infrastructure I would probebly
    port my BT number to VoIP and cancel the line.
    Graham., Jan 26, 2011
  9. I'm sure someone would. At the end of the day, it can always go back
    to BT.
    Probably just the single word: "actioned" (or similar).

    I regularly port numbers in for my clients - it's not big deal for
    most numbers (not all are portable) and off we go...
    That's the issue right now - we can't get "dry copper" (as I think it's
    known in some places - ie. copper + ADSL but no phone) - it has to come
    with a phone service and if you've only got one phone line, it's a royal
    and expensive PITA to port the number in - which ceases the line and ADSL,
    then re-provision the line and start a new broadband service...

    You can always use an ITSP who'll allow you to place outgoing calls via
    VoIP and present the existing BT number - which is what I do myself and
    for some customers - it allows us to both take and make a call at the
    same time, and the caller sees our home number, even though it's going
    out via VoIP.

    Gordon Henderson, Jan 26, 2011
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