NuFone broken.. pulls plug on customers

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Guest

    In what could be the first protracted problem I've heard of or
    experienced with NuFone, DID service has been unavailable since at the
    very least, yesterday morning. NuFone staff have denied the problem
    exists, claiming it must be on the customer's end. However, there are
    tens of customer I've run across in #nufone and #asterisk on that are experiencing the same problem.

    Basically, you cannot dial the toll-free numbers created with your
    NuFone account from a POTS line. This problem seriously effects
    subscribers' who are using NuFone for business or personal use, because
    they cannot receive the majority of their calls.

    Most of NuFone's business is outgoing call centers, who use the VoIP
    service because of cheap long distance and no local line costs. These
    customers are presumably unaffected. This potentially puts a strain on
    smaller businesses, because while their subscriptions are probably
    appreciated, they are hardly necessary for NuFone's continued financial

    UPDATE: NuFone's staff now claim "Global Crossing is having network
    issues and they are not being forthcoming with the exact nature of the
    problem. This is affecting all of our Toll-Free numbers and a good
    portion of their own customers as well. They have not provided even an
    estimate on when services will be restored. Level 3 is also having
    problems (as of 16:40 EST). No news on that as of yet either."

    It was also claimed that this was posted on IRC and sent via e-mail to
    customers yesterday. I did not receive any e-mail and neither have any
    of the customers I talked to. The message that was allegedly sent I
    never saw, and I've been monitoring the channel for 24 hours or so.

    I've gone ahead and signed up for service with another provider at this
    point and am porting my 800 numbers away from NuFone. Like most
    subscribers, I depend on this service to be reliable and stable. With
    recent outages on a frequency of once every 30-60 days and this outage
    lasting longer than 24 hours, I really have no choice.

    NuFone is a Michigan-based provider of discount VoIP termination
    services that was founded in 2002.
    , Nov 3, 2005
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  2. Kyler Laird Guest

    I was attacked by NuFone when I tried to establish service. I stay far
    away from them. What they offer can't be worth dealing with people
    like that.
    At first I had problems finding another provider with a deal as good as
    theirs. Then I found LiveVoIP and got a *much* better deal (as far as
    the rates)...but, as I suspected, they weren't so stable. When LiveVoIP
    went under I looked around again and found Telesthetic. *Much* better.
    There are vastly more professional providers. It just takes some effort
    to find them. Good luck with your switch. This is a good lesson to
    others on the value of toll-free number portability.

    Kyler Laird, Nov 3, 2005
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