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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Robert, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Robert

    Robert Guest

    I had recently written concerning constant
    crashing of Firefox. It crashes multiple
    times each and EVERY day. I hate this.

    I wrote about deleting FF completely (no
    trace left) and re-installing new. I had
    tried disabling add-ons, etc. but that had
    no effect. I figured it was my computer or
    my FF installation causing the trouble.

    So yesterday I deleted FF from my HDD. I
    used "Revo Uninstaller" and completely took
    all traces of FF off my computer. I re-
    installed the most current version (again).
    Then the problems started...

    I used 'FEBE' for replacing my saved
    information -- with limited effectiveness.
    I may try "Mozilla Backup" as recommended
    to me here.

    I also lost ALL my RSS feeds and had no
    backup. The reader (News Fox) *says* it has
    a backup, but that didn't work worth shit!
    SO I spent a good amount of time re-finding
    RSS feeds and re-installing them plus
    trying to squeeze information from FEBE.

    I finally got it all done and now FF
    crashes EVEN MORE FREQUENTLY!!! New, clean
    installation after all the problems I went
    through and it seems to be worse than
    before! I am nuts about this.

    Not really looking for information --
    unless you've got something really good --
    but more of a venting about FF. I've used
    it and liked it since it first was
    introduced years ago. Slim, efficient and
    fast with a lot to recommend it.

    Now, it seems bloated and sluggish and
    catching up to IE while IE starts trimming
    down and getting better. All of those BS
    "error reporting" boxes that pop up after
    each crash are obviously not doing

    I have gotten no response (I know they must
    get a lot) but I've sent hundreds!!! FF has
    gotten no better and I am tired of fooling
    with it.

    Good luck to others using FF. It has
    started its "suck phase"...
    Robert, Mar 6, 2011
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