Now I am MCDST I am getting interviews not no job offers

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by M, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. M

    M Guest

    Now I am MCDST (and A+) I am getting interviews not none have turned into
    job offers. I have read loads about the dos and don'ts of interviews but
    still seem to be doing something wrong. It probably doesn't help that I am
    not really an extrovert.
    What I think I need is coaching in interview technique, almost 'acting' so
    that I can get past this hurdle. I am based in the UK - London area.
    I will be glad of any advise anyone can offer.
    Thank you.
    M, Sep 22, 2006
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  2. M

    ukdkbr Guest

    Do you have any prior experience? Unfortunately I have found that certs
    alone don't get you jobs, real world experience does and certs just help. I
    know the only way i was able to get a foot in the door was when I was working
    in the warehouse for a company and an entry level help desk position became
    available in the company and the company liked to promote within and the
    other IT guys decided to give me a shot (plus they could pay me a lot less
    with no experience.). Now I have 5 years experience and a few certs and it
    really isn't that hard to land a job.
    ukdkbr, Sep 22, 2006
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  3. M

    Montreal MCT Guest

    Hi M,

    I honestly think that my acting training was a huge boon to my career, and
    that goes not only for my IT career... I will bet you though that somewhere
    in your region there is a ToastMaster`s club... start going to meetings, and
    see yourself blossom.

    Don`t forget: MCDST is not really supporting desktops, it is supporting
    PEOPLE on desktops. Taking acting might help, also TM and Public Speaking.

    Good luck!

    Montreal MCT, Sep 23, 2006
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