Notepad .its faulty ? its not the be and and end all !

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Homeworker, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Homeworker

    Homeworker Guest

    Ok , trying to enter the new millenium by getting rid of frames and html
    from my websites.
    Chnageing over to ASP cart with "content" pages

    Easy eh !.. well you should think so eh !

    If I takes some content pages froma mates similiar cart copy th text
    into notepad ... in theory stripping it all out to plain text , copy that to
    carts "content" page i can create unlimited sixe of page .. phew tex#sted it
    upto 20 A4 pages then got bored :)

    Ok so now i take my old cart , copy some text into notepad to clean it up
    then copy it to a content page in my cart and VIOLA ..well nothing !
    I can only copy about 2/3rds of an A4 page over before the cart chokes and
    sends the cart back blank.

    Clearly NOTEPAD is copying something over my cart doesnt like !

    WHY ? HOW ? WTF is going on .....notepads no longer my friend !!

    HELP !!

    Homeworker, Apr 7, 2007
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  2. Homeworker

    why? Guest

    A bit late.

    Frames might be ok it used correctly, which is rare.

    What's wrong with HTML, validated and well maintained.
    Most likely for no good reason, see what happens.
    <snip the pointless mess not worth trying to figure out what's meant>

    why?, Apr 7, 2007
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