(not) using hp photosmart premium to send email of scan

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by northernguy, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. northernguy

    northernguy Guest

    I am trying to send a scanned image by email using hp photosmart
    premium. I have tried on 2 separate computers in two different
    residences using 2 separate accounts with the same cable isp.

    The only thing they have in common is they are both win xp with 2 gigs
    ram and newish hp all-in-one printers. The existing images are saved
    in tiff format and are large file size even though they are just
    scans of simple photographs. They run anywhere from 3 megs to 11 megs
    in size.

    I get an error message from the isp saying the file exceeds the 10240
    kb limit and cannot be sent.
    After much fooling around I finally found a way to make a default
    setting in the hp attached photosmart which claims that it will
    convert all emailed scans to a smaller jpeg format as well as
    additional reduction in image file size. This results in a typical
    file size of 64 k. (or at least that is what is indicated).

    Unfortunately, using the hp email button results in a process that
    looks like it has sent the email but an email is not actually received
    at the other end. My default email program (thunderbird) shows the
    email in the sent box. Using my default email program to attach the
    scanned image and try to email it produces an isp generated error
    message about the file size and a failure to deliver. This is not
    surprising because the saved scan is still in tiff large file size
    condition. The hp program is supposed to convert it to the reduced
    file size and then email it and using their email interface it claims
    success at transmission.

    However the result is the same no transmission. My firewall has been
    given permission to allow photosmart to inter act with the internet.

    As I write this I have discovered that some spam that has started
    appearing recently in the recipient email account is not spam but is
    from hp telling the recipients they (hp) have the scans in question.
    It appears that using the interface that allows me to manipulate file
    size and then email actually intercepts the email, redirects it to an
    hp server called snapfish where it is collected and stored. Then a
    notice is sent to the recipient advising them if that if they wish to
    see my _photo album_ they simply have to register and it will be
    provided to them. Presumably they can only access the photos that I
    have indicated are for the recipient.

    Well, thank you very much hp. Of course I want to send someone's email
    address to you for your purposes, especially if I can do it such a way
    that they have to provide personal info to you so that they can
    receive the message that I sent them.

    In three hours of fooling around with this; reading the manual,
    offline help and online help, I have not seen anything that shows
    this as a possible outcome.

    I personally have no interest in sending photos over the internet but
    simply got involved in this for someone who didn't know how to scan a
    photo let alone email it. Before I got there they accidentally
    deleted the software for their hp all-in-one.

    I have already set hp setup to save the scans to a very obvious folder
    on their desktop. I have also shown them how to use their email
    program (outlook express..shudder) to find an image in that folder and
    attach it. What I want is a very simple program that will allow them
    to select a file in that folder, convert it to one of several standard
    formats, manipulate file size (more lossiness= less file size) and
    leave the result in the same folder.

    It has to be simple with a user friendly interface which will allow me
    to set the default for them that matches their needs, not something
    that has thousands of options that must be determined with every

    Thank you to those who have taken the time to read this very long

    Any help would be appreciated as I have already gone backwards on this
    and inadvertently exposed
    three email addresses to being harvested by a commercial third party.

    northernguy, Jan 23, 2008
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