Not At All Impressed With LIGHTSCRIBE...

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Agent_C, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Agent_C

    NFord Guest

    Well, not that I don't enjoy getting screwed, but I
    just double-checked and we have the XP disc. It's
    shrinkwrapped with a green piece of cardboard
    and says "For distribution only with a new PC"
    on it. Says "Windows XP Home Edition".
    Has what I guess is a 4-part serial number.
    Says "Made in Canda". Says: "Rev A01".
    The disc is purple and says "Reinstallation CD.
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Including
    Service Pack 2". ... How'm I doin'?
    NFord, Feb 8, 2006
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  2. On 2/8/2006, Oldus Fartus managed to type:
    Silly - the life of the printer means "until the heads die" :)

    I love tautologies...

    Gene E. Bloch, Feb 8, 2006
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  3. I had one color - cyan - that just didn't want to print.

    I called tech support and we went through cleaning several times -
    cleaning without printing a check then the check print.

    After it would only print a few streaks after all of this the tech
    said I could take it to a shop - as it was under warranty - or he
    could send the print head - which appeared to be the problem.

    It's identical to the head that ships in the box when you install
    the printer. It's as easy to install as the ink cartridges.

    I mentioned earlier the cyan ink problem I had and the place I got
    the ink from replaced a cart and a bottle of ink.

    He also told me that Canon has the weakest pumping action ol the
    other popular printers and can clog easily.

    I had brought the clogged head along to show him.

    Most of the times the head does not fail it just clogs up according
    to him. Just soak it in warm water, then use a can om compressed
    air to blow and clogs out.

    To tell if things are working properly moisten a folded paper towel
    and press it againt the print head, and while watching the little
    pads on the inside press upwards. That will force the water
    from the paper upwards, and you should see liquid on each of the
    pads. If no liquid comes up that head is still plugged.

    So set it in warm water for at least 20 minutes and try again.

    I now have a spare print head after cleaning the one that the Canon
    tech said was bad - and technically it was bad.

    So unless you ran the ink out and kept on printing the heads will
    rarely fail.

    Bill Vermillion, Feb 9, 2006
  4. Agent_C

    Agent_C Guest

    You're a pompous ass.

    Agent_C, Feb 9, 2006
  5. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    Yes, or tabloid. 11 x 17 inches. 280mm x 432mm.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 9, 2006
  6. Agent_C

    Tonester Guest

    Not too good! That's not an XP disc, that's a Dell reinstallation CD, not a
    Windows XP CD. Notice there is no hologram on the front.
    Tonester, Feb 9, 2006
  7. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    That would make them part of the printer, since the subthread is
    about whether they are part of the printer, or part of the ink
    I never knew the Epson print heads were User replaceable. I haven't
    had one since my old 740 though.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 9, 2006
  8. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    Don't forget Top Posting Usenet Retard. The sad part is he does it
    intentionally, even after being shown the way.

    There was a time when entire group's members plonked idiots like him
    on the first shot, so the bastard wouldn't have gotten a single reply,
    and might actually conform or spend eternity being ignored.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 9, 2006
  9. Agent_C

    Sandoz Guest

    Perhaps, but at least I'm happy with the results from my lightscribe burner,
    for now anyway, at least until they invent one that can burn photo quality
    graphics in full color directly onto the disk, not those adhesive
    illustrated labels (which I don't trust enough to keep their contact on the
    disk indefinitely, at least until some time has passed and the verdict comes
    in whether they're dependable or not).

    Sandoz, Feb 9, 2006
  10. Agent_C

    Alpha Guest

    I have many Dell computers. Of course they are not Windows XP CDs as you
    indicate. They are OEM Cds. But they ARE NOT image files...they contain
    the complete XP operating system and can be used as such.
    Alpha, Feb 9, 2006
  11. Agent_C

    NFord Guest

    Your original post, above, said:
    "If you ever have to reinstall, you're screwed."

    The CD says: "use this CD to reinstall the operating
    system." (WinXP).

    If the CD reinstalls WinXP, how am I screwed?
    Why do I care if there is a hologram on it?

    I'm sure you must have a reason for your statement,
    and I apologize for being slow to grasp it...
    NFord, Feb 9, 2006
  12. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    You are far too nice.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 9, 2006
  13. Agent_C

    Bill's News Guest

    For what it's worth: My first PC purchase, after XP came to be,
    included an actual MS WinXP HE SP0 disc. It didn't appear to be a
    mistake on the part of the VAR, as there was also a driver disk

    Subsequent purchases from DELL & Toshiba came with their VAR discs
    which are/were customized (contained myriad adverts and trials and a
    necessary driver folder) for the specific PC and were respectively SP1
    & SP2 versions. On both of these systems I have reinstalled with
    either the VAR disk or the MS disk with only subtle differences. And
    in the latter case I needed to use the VAR disk to fetch the drivers,
    but I did not need to delete as much promotional and useless crap from
    the system after installing. The differences seem to relate to
    installing SP1 & SP2 on top of the SP0 disk vs. installing only post
    SP2 patches on the Toshiba. In the case of the Toshiba VAR SP2 disk,
    I'd say the system operates a tad better than the MS SP0 disk with
    upgrades from thier site.

    Presently this system, a Toshiba P35 laptop, is running on a reinstall
    from the VAR disk with all VAR supplied extras deleted.

    At least one friend has a recovery disk which she needed to create
    herself, from a partition installed by the VAR on the hard drive.
    Sadly, there were no obvious instructions that it was necessary to do
    this and we only became aware of it when I asked, "where is the disk?"
    After burning several "backup" CDs, she's yet to feel the urge to

    I doubt very much there is any validity to the paranoia regarding VAR
    disks and the presence or absence of laser hologos. But I do
    recommend cleaning your system after reinstall from a VAR disk.
    Bill's News, Feb 9, 2006
  14. Agent_C

    Dave S Guest

    Wow! Where did you get that?

    I just purchased one of the last ip5000 printers available (in Winnipeg,
    at least) and have been very happy with it.

    Now to find I can print CD-Rs and DVD-Rs as well is a major bonus.

    Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

    Dave S.

    p.s. I've just ordered a tray from EBay.

    Does anyone know the story i.e. why these printers come able to print
    disks in some countries but not in others?
    Dave S, Feb 10, 2006
  15. Agent_C

    Marty Guest

    Somewhere around Wed, 08 Feb 2006 23:02:45 GMT, while reading, I think I thought I saw this post from "NFord"
    ink4art doesn't charge for shipping, unless you need expedited shipping.
    It's pretty fast with standard shipping. Then again, I don't wait until I
    run out, so it doesn't matter.

    The ink I use cost me less than $25 for 12 cartridges (4 of each).
    doesn't even have much Canon ink at all, and what they have is over $10 for
    each color.

    I've bought plenty of their ink, and OEM ink, and the ink4art is as good or
    better, so saving about $100/order is worth it. I can buy a new printer
    with the money I save.

    Sorry it doesn't work for you, but you don't have to act like I'm wrong just
    because you can't take advantage of it.
    Marty, Feb 10, 2006
  16. Agent_C

    NFord Guest

    Umm, no offense intended. I just reported what I found.
    I didn't go through check-out to see that they have a free
    shipping offer, but the page I was on said shipping would
    be $5.

    Even so, $46 versus $52 for OEM, I don't consider much of
    a bargain. In contrast, I just came across
    Their price for a 7-pack(!!) for the R300 is $36.50 less a $4
    coupon for new customers, and free shipping. The 7-pack
    includes 2 blacks and the 5 colors. Even at's relatively
    low prices for OEM ink, those 7 would cost about $90.
    *That* (about 2/3rds cheaper) is what I consider a significant

    Again, this isn't a personal attack - just trying to report facts.
    NFord, Feb 11, 2006
  17. Agent_C

    Allan Guest

    High End Thermal Printers rock.

    For example:

    And I've seen great results from this unit:

    Have a Rimage at home (Single color).

    One $90 ribbon gives me 100's for CD/DVD Prints. Very low per unit

    "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game
    because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from
    -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."
    - Neil Stephenson, _Cryptonomicon_
    Allan, Feb 11, 2006
  18. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    snipped overtly high priced thermal printer links

    You're retarded if you think you ever recoup your costs with those
    overpriced pieces of shit.

    One at $4500 The other at nearly $10,000.

    Cost per disc... several dollars.

    That only brings me to one conclusion. That being that I still
    think you're a goddamned retard, and paying that much for that little
    certainly proves it.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 11, 2006
  19. Agent_C

    Allan Guest

    Forgot to mention... you are full of shit here as well... price per
    unit is typically .32 to .50.

    You really are ignorant.

    "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game
    because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from
    -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."
    - Neil Stephenson, _Cryptonomicon_
    Allan, Feb 11, 2006
  20. Agent_C

    Roy L. Fuchs Guest

    Your E-1 grade baby bullshit has merit? Try again, asswipe.
    Roy L. Fuchs, Feb 13, 2006
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