Norton Ghost 2002 ""NTFS Log file not flushed, please restart NT .."

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by q_q_anonymous, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Norton Ghost 2002 ""NTFS Log file not flushed, please restart NT .."

    I was cloning one partition of a disk onto a partition of another disk.
    Well, both disks only had one partition so there was no issue of
    choosing which.

    Was Norton Ghost referring to the disk at the source or the dest?
    (if dest it certainly wouldn't matter at all, though i don't see why
    ghost would tell me if it was the dest either)

    though it shouldn't

    what does this flushed thing mean?

    does it matter?

    Why should norton ghost care?!! It should be blind to NT, I thought
    cloning a disk is only byte by byte. Is it just trying to be extra
    clever and telling me that the windows on the source disk hasn't been

    it lets me do it anyway,.

    After the clone was complete I don't think windows xp gave that "error"
    when it didn't shut down properly before.

    Also, I think norton ghost lets me continue, or, do a byte by byte
    copy. Shouldn't it do the latter anyway?! What'd it do otherwise? it
    seems like "byte by byte" might not be what it does by default.

    Thanks in advance!
    q_q_anonymous, Dec 15, 2006
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