Norton Antivirus Corp 8.1 nolonger delivering new definitions

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by >Fry, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. >Fry

    >Fry Guest

    I have Norton Antivirus Corporate 8.1 running on one of my servers (Windows
    Server 2003) and, the Corporate Client running on the workstations (XP Pro).
    Everything has been working fine for months, with the exception of the full
    scans having trouble scanning a handful of in-use files.

    The server is correctly updating its definitions everyday, and until
    recently the workstations were updating consistently as well. now all of a
    sudden NONE of the workstations will update their definitions.

    The WS have no direct Internet access (intentionally)
    The Server is set as the "Primary Server"
    The WS show that the are all a member of the same "Server Group"

    At the Group Level/Virus Definition Manager:
    "How servers retrieve virus definitions" = "Update Primary Server Only"
    "How clients retrieve virus definitions" = "Update virus definitions from
    parent server" (every 60 minutes)

    - I have rebooted the server and all WS

    - I have done a Live Update but it did not help.

    - All other network functions are working, and there are no events in either
    the server or WS event log regarding this problem.

    Anyone have any suggestions regarding this?

    Thank all.
    >Fry, Oct 5, 2004
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