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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by derekwtp, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. derekwtp

    derekwtp Guest

    I was querying the group on Nortel knowledge about nortel voip
    solutions. I am from the Voip Carrier market and not from an enterprise
    environment so please excuse me if I miss something in my question.

    In a voip solution featuring Nortel equipment, Nortel call manager,
    Voip phone and a nortel PBX with an ip interface card. Is the call
    setup between phone and Call manager straight Sip or does Nortel use
    anything proprietary for call setup?
    Also in classic setup from a PBX to carrier for offnet calls, is
    barrier channel setup coordinated via the call manager(mgcp). I am not
    quite understanding call flow.

    For example, in a voip softswitch solution in a carrier type cms/call
    manager, Sip phones communicate via Sip to the callmanager for call
    setup, the Barrier channel setup is done between the media gateway
    controller and the cms, I am trying to just understand is their a
    difference with Nortel enterprise solution. If anyone has Cisco
    enterprise experience could you please respond as well.

    derekwtp, Sep 7, 2005
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  2. No specific answers to you, sorry. More my own experience history.

    You can study Nortel Developer Program on in which you should be able
    to get documentation etc (for a fee).

    And here is a list of Partners and Members
    Many of those are plain SIP devices, as I see it (Sipura, Handytone,

    I have tried using a Nortel CS1000 with VoIP module for simple call
    setup and DTMF handling into my own software (reception of DTMF types
    SIP protocol is used, but with a touch of Nortel specific fields.
    I have not yet succeeded in the DTMF part (sending DTMF).

    I can receive DTMF digits as sip-info, but not in any beforehand known
    format. But seing the layout once, I now can decode DTMF's.
    What I miss finally is doing the sending of DTMF. I have cheated until
    now by sending inband "handmade" sinus tones, but that is not a real

    I have not (yet) invested in the Developer Program, as I hoped that
    "standard" SIP could be used with most solutions that I had to
    communicate with.
    With "standard" SIP I think of Sipura SPA's, Handytone, X-Lite softphone
    and many others used in VoIP world of today.
    (fx used for

    End of my story.
    Christen Fihl, Sep 7, 2005
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