Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sandman, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Nu som var rolig :)[/QUOTE]

    Är det nu jag ska klaga som en galning på din svenska grammatik?
    Kanske... :)
    Sandman, Aug 22, 2013
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  2. Sandman

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Whisky-dave, Aug 22, 2013
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  3. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    The same as they do in real life.[/QUOTE]

    Ok, so basically the entire "thread" thing was superflous. Personalities
    and characters can... exist. Why yes, yes they can! :)
    Seriously? They ask you? Huh...
    The origin of the expression is highly debated. I remember the Eddie
    Izzard sketch when he makes fun of it

    For me, I think it's a version of the expressions "cat's pajamas" and
    "bee's knees", but there are many theories out there. Eric Partridge
    thinks it comes from the typographic ":-" but that sounds a bit far
    fetched to me.
    No, I just misspelled "Me". But I do acknowledge that "My family and I"
    is the more proper way to write it.

    I never drink alcohol.
    I made a spelling mistake (i.e. I spelled "me" as "my"), but even with
    that corrected, one could argue that it's also a grammar mistake. I
    don't agree 100%, but I understand the thinking.
    You seem to take offense at the obvious joke of your nick name coupled
    with your haphazard typing. I never meant any offense, and apologize if
    you were offended.
    I absolutely 100% missed the cultural reference. I admitted to that
    directly when I found out.
    So why did you write it the correct way when you explained the
    reference? The only one misusing tense in this kind of expression is
    you, in that first post. Not when you explained it. Sid's references
    also supported my notion that mixing tenses is not part of the
    expression, as did Pensive Hamster.
    I better keep quiet here, or I'll offend you :)
    Stop saying it and start supporting it, Dave.
    What is your form called? :)
    What gave you that impression? Your sentence was wrong in three ways
    (not four, as I had initially thought).
    Stop claiming it, start supporting it.
    So, you're partially dyslectic, yet the people here will vouch for you
    correctly representing a written phrase? Hmmm.
    As I've said, if you've taken offense at the joke of you being drunk,
    then I apologize. It was never my intention.
    I beg to differ. But I was ok with that. I don't mind it.
    You have a lot to do, then! I see you're constantly failing to post
    corrections to PeterN though. Better get to work!
    I never called you drunk because you misspell "the", though. I had said
    it *once* prior to this thread:

    Sandman <>
    Nibbling on an Apple
    08/13/2013 <>

    The number one reason I can never take any posts from drunk Dave
    seriously "I don;lt"

    I was in reference to the very fact, that I can't imagining that you
    would claim is unreasonable, that you posts are riddled with hard to
    decipher misspellings and errors that seem to all come from not paying
    enough attention to the keyboard while typing.

    Given your nickname, the fun thing was to call you drunk and that that
    was what caused this, and obviously you took offense with this. That
    wasn't my intention, so I apologize, again.
    No, sorry, they're not typo's. I don't care about typo's, I make lots of
    them myself. Often, you miss punctuation and you insert weird characters
    like semi colons and such here and there. I even have a hard time that
    these would be symptoms of dyslexia.
    Aha, I wonder if the squad will rain down on you as they did me for not
    getting the joke? My bet? No. :)
    Nor did I need to know that in order to joke about it. :)
    Sandman, Aug 22, 2013
  4. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Partridge did not say it came "from" the typographic [sic] colon-dash.
    He said it was a printer's term *for* the typographical colon-dash.
    It's a logical assumption given the visual form. "Bollocks" are
    testicles, and the colon is the two testicles and the dash is the dog.
    From the rear, that what we see.

    Whether the expression originated with the printers, or if the
    printers took up the expression to describe the colon-dash, is not

    What is interestng to me is that "the dog's bollocks" is an expression
    that is used to describe something good, but the use of just
    "Bollocks" is used to say "Untrue!", and even "Outrageously untrue!".

    Jonas' comments about a misplaced grammatical error in Dave's
    statement is bollocks.

    Also interesting to me is that we say "It's the dog's bollocks" to
    mean "It's a good thing", but we say "It's a dog's breakfast" to mean
    it's a mess, or complete rubbish. Testicles are good, but food is
    bad. Of course, dogs will eat some strange things.

    It's gets more interesting when we find that "a dog's dinner", unlike
    the breakfast, is a good thing like the dog's bollocks.

    Jonas, who will allegedly not read this, would probably not accept the
    difference between "from" and "for" in this context given his past
    demonstrations of denial of mistakes, but it needs be said.

    The advantage of Jonas' killfile is that he can continue in ignorance,
    but the disadvantage is that he will continue in ignorance.
    Tony Cooper, Aug 22, 2013
  5. Sandman

    Whisky-dave Guest

    I wouldn't say that....
    and would one depict such this in a text based forum ?

    Yes they do after all there's not many native English people in London.

    I don't care where it comes from what she wanted to know is how it's used in 2012 and what it means, she had the impression that they were opposite expressions.
    If she asked me where Doh came from I could tell her but it wouldn't changeit's meaning would it. The first 3 google hits thinks it's the department of health.

    never heard that one.
    I've heard of it but never heard it used by anyone I know.
    I assumed it was because pollen collects on their legs and as 'mathamatically' they can't fly their knees are important to also push them into flight.
    But I dont; know so would need top look it up if asked/
    I don't know lots of odd things have happened to the english language over the years if not centuries you do knowq that english is a mixture of latin and the Germanic languages and even a bit of Scandinavian.
    So it was a spelling mistake, so you didn;t know how to spell me.
    I thopught it was a typo or some call these brain farts which is where one word comes into your head but another gets written.
    here the Queen always says My husband and I, you won;t catch her saying "meand me mates" or "me and the old man" it's a way we can also visualise tehpersonality of teh poster or the personality they wish to portray.
    That explains it yuo don;t knwo what it';s like to be drunk so you think when someones drunk they want to get on the NG and type .....
    Some may, I don't

    as I said I though that was a typo but if it's a spelling mistake fair enough.
    Well that's a good start, people do that sort of thing in books/film/plays all the time.

    Not offended but rather diapointed that a persons name must depict them or theri behavoiur of course it can be true, I mean look at little john of Robin Hood fame, and then you change my man anyway an add an 'e' to whisky.

    But you appeared to em and others to try to wiggle from this rather than just admit it outright.

    So you have some chance of understanding it I also wanted to avoid typos such as "teh" as you seemed to have difficulty getting past such things.
    No because I Heard the original lines what you quoted was the title or section from a book about Morecombe and Wise written 20-30 years after the event.

    No it won't offend me, it'll make me think you're a pratt[1]
    the more you do such a thing the more I'll believe you're a pratt.

    I have done and I didn't say either of the two lines you seem to think I said.
    Try quoting what I actually said next time it's pretty easy to do.

    What do you mean by my form, I'd say casual piss taker if it's what I thinkyou mean.
    I did't see it as wrong.

    That has nothing to do with it.
    part of my Dyslexia is that I can easily spot other peoles mistakes but notmy own, this is aprtl;y what makes me good at checking through students work, I can not only see erros but can even predict some of them.

    I know what the intention was, but it just got a bit tiresome after teh 4thor so time, it could havve bene funny the first time but that was some 30 years ago.

    Beg all you want you're not getting my spare change ;-)

    either I don;t see the erros or I don't think anything needs correcting or perhaps I'm just not intrested in that thread or post, or I have something else to do.

    So if I do a search for drunk dave or dave his drunk, I'll only find it once from you is that it ?

    That could be it, it could be that I;'m used to a Mac keyboard that has lowprofile keys unlike this genius one whoe fert have broken off so it slops dwon away from me. I also keep glancing up to keep an eye on my lab and students. Maybe I've hideent the window to type an order out, sometimes if a psot arrive the whole screen moves up and I end up typing into nothing.
    I've got loads of nicknames I;'m called the docktor, admiral dave, wilkinsops, cocktail dave, tweets, and those I just the polite ones ;-)
    It was fun the first time but it's happened 100s of times over the years.
    Again I wasn;t offended as such just found it rather pathetic after you'd been told.

    Think that's the keyboard I tend to hit the wrong key.
    Have you ever check up on teh symptions ?

    I don't like the phrase "my bad" either .

    I didn't see the above as a purposful error.
    Whisky-dave, Aug 22, 2013
  6. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Yes they do after all there's not many native English people in London.[/QUOTE]

    Haha! :)
    Ok, it means that something is highly desirable :)
    Both are from the twenties. The Bee's knees might be a funny version of
    the word "business", so you're saying "Yes, that's the business": "Yes,
    that's the bee's knees". The meaning is that it's something ultimate or
    very fitting.
    Is that a serious question, Dave?
    Uh, "typo" (short for "typographical error") and spelling mistake is the
    same thing. Not sure what point you're trying to get across here.
    Sure, but that wasn't it, here.
    I have been drunk.
    It's the same thing.
    Sorry, I can't understand much of what you wrote above. I mean, I can
    probably understand what words you were supposed to write, but not what
    you mean by it.
    Nope. I admitted to it outright. I mentioned it explicitly many times.
    Fine. All you have to do is find support for the notion that mixing
    tenses is a common part of this phrase. Should be easy enough. Pensive
    Hamster, sid and you have provided ample support for the opposite, so
    get to it!
    Not even one single time have you done it.
    Uh, I have been quoting you verbatim the whole time. This is your first
    post in this thread:

    Whisky-dave <>

    Nice pics pity you don't speak proper english like what me
    and the queen do

    And then you tried to explain the reference, and you wrote this:

    Whisky-dave <>

    And I think it was ericM that used a phrase such as I speak
    the queens english like wot she does.

    I'll let the obvious difference speak for itself.
    That would be quite the feat since I had said it exactly *once* before
    this thread.
    Ah, I'm special :)
    Before this thread, yes.
    Not by me. Surely you're not holding me responsible for people calling
    you Drunk Dave hundreds of times over the years?
    When was I told?
    So learn how the keyboard works, THEN type on it.
    It was.
    Sandman, Aug 22, 2013
  7. Sandman

    sid Guest

    He will continue in that vein with or without his "killfile". That appears
    to be his desire. Oddly.
    sid, Aug 22, 2013
  8. Sandman

    sid Guest

    Sandman wrote:

    Condesending wanker

    That's because it was you moron. It matters not a jot how many times you say
    you've proved this or that, the grammer was supposed to be incorrect and
    that's the end of it. It's tough shit for you that you don't want to get
    your head round that fact.
    I don't believe you. You've used the term drunk Dave as an insult every time
    you have used it.

    You can carry on insisting you're right and that everybody else that has an
    opinion is wrong 'till the cows come home, makes no odds. EOD for me sonny.
    sid, Aug 22, 2013
  9. Sandman

    PeterN Guest

    Ви не поÑтійні поÑкаржитиÑÑ, Ñкщо не ви розумієте Farci ;-)
    PeterN, Aug 23, 2013
  10. Sandman

    PeterN Guest

    Auto-imposto ignoranza = arroganza
    PeterN, Aug 23, 2013
  11. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Anyway, Sid, how's the weather in Wales?
    Sandman, Aug 23, 2013
  12. Sandman

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Like a beer ;-)

    Well it sort of makes sense.

    if you spell "me" wrong ... I've never spelt "the" wrong but I often hit the keys in the wrong order resulting in "teh" rarely if ever "het" or "eht"
    I call those errors typos some may think it's due to gravity, but not me.

    Well it isn't for me.
    Well I've no way on knowing, you seem to put errors down to being drunk.

    And while drunk you wanted to type ?
    I guess it takes all sorts.

    Not for you perhaps but for most people I think it is a differnt thing.
    Did you need to look up the spelling of me in a dictionary after I informed you of your possible error ?

    A 'joke' heard for the 1000th time is rarely funny again.

    A coloured friend of mine used to be called chalkie, but after a few years he didn't find it funny.

    I have the ability to remmeber this outisde of this thread.

    There are many words for what you are I assume, but I can't spell them.

    I wouldn't hold you responsible for anything.

    Whenever you've said I was drunk.

    Learn how to spell "me" it's not that difficult is it.
    Whisky-dave, Aug 28, 2013
  13. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    if you spell "me" wrong ... I've never spelt "the" wrong but I often hit the
    keys in the wrong order resulting in "teh" rarely if ever "het" or "eht"
    I call those errors typos some may think it's due to gravity, but not me.[/QUOTE]

    I spelled "me" wrong in the same way you spell "the" wrong.
    Actually, no. Definitions of words apply to us all.
    Other than, of course, the fact that I've explicitly told you.

    Huh? Do you even know yourself what you're typing right now?
    I like cars.
    Huh? I had called you drunk *ONCE* *BEFORE* this thread. I.e. outside
    this thread. You said it got tiresome after the fourth time. So who said
    it the other three times? I had only said it once.
    So, have you abandoned the idea of you being called Drunk Dave hundreds
    of times already? That was short.
    No I wasn't. Please quote you (or anyone) telling me anything about
    this. Failure to do so means you're lying here.
    At least I'm not blaming the keyboard. And it's still ironic to have you
    point out spelling errors.
    Sandman, Aug 28, 2013
  14. Sandman

    Mort Guest

    Hi Jonas,

    Thanks for the nice pictures. I especially enjoyed the trains, as they
    reminded me of my youth, when I actually rode in steam powered trains,
    both in the USA and in Europe.

    You will get many critiques about your pictures on line; some of them
    are genuine and nice, while some of them are unfair to say the least. It
    is hardly polite or fair to criticize a Swedish person's command of
    English; how many of us speak any Swedish? (I know only Svenska flicka e
    vakra.)Keep up the good work, and keep up your nice picture posts.


    Mort Linder
    Mort, Aug 28, 2013
  15. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I spelled "me" wrong in the same way you spell "the" wrong.
    Actually, no. Definitions of words apply to us all.[/QUOTE]

    Oh, Lord. He's at it again. A "typo" is an inadvertent misspelling
    of a word when the correct spelling is known. A spelling error is a
    misspelling by ignorance of the correct spelling. Two different
    Tony Cooper, Aug 28, 2013
  16. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Hi Jonas,

    Thanks for the nice pictures. I especially enjoyed the trains, as they
    reminded me of my youth, when I actually rode in steam powered trains,
    both in the USA and in Europe.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you :)
    Well, the people that give me grief for misspelling a words are usually
    those I have corrected in the past. Not with spelling, mind you, but the
    usage of words where they've used a word in a "funny" way.

    It's ok, I can take it. I don't have any pride invested in my spelling
    and grammar and I know I make lots of mistakes (even when writing in

    Sandman, Aug 28, 2013
  17. Sandman

    PeterN Guest

    On 8/28/2013 10:11 AM, Mort wrote:

    It is not unfair when the Swedish person starts criticizing usage of
    American English, especially the spelling of artificial words. Please
    don't start that one again.

    I hope he does.
    PeterN, Aug 28, 2013
  18. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    It is not unfair when the Swedish person starts criticizing usage of
    American English, especially the spelling of artificial words. Please
    don't start that one again.[/QUOTE]

    Peter, please, when did I *criticize* the *spelling* of "artificial
    words"? I expect a link to this critique in your followup or admission
    of making an incorrect claim. Failing both makes you a liar, just so you

    YOU are the one starting it again, Peter, when you make such ludicrous
    Sandman, Aug 29, 2013
  19. Sandman

    PeterN Guest

    Peter, please, when did I *criticize* the *spelling* of "artificial
    words"? I expect a link to this critique in your followup or admission
    of making an incorrect claim. Failing both makes you a liar, just so you

    I am too lazy to find the ink, where you "corrected" my spelling.
    PeterN, Aug 29, 2013
  20. Sandman

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Well I know how to spell "the" and "me", so you have a problem that I don't.

    Not always.

    So OK I believe yuo don;t know hopw to spell Me then look it up next time before you attempt to spell a word.

    Yes it's obviously way above you, which is why you haven;t answered such a simple question.
    So I'll try again after I informed you that you spelt "me" wrong in that you spelt it "my" (even though you spelt "my" as "my") So did you look it up in the dictionary ?
    Yes you did or No, you didn't only two choices is that so difficult to understand.
    Unless of course you just copied my spelling of the word "me" is that it, you trusted my spelling rather than look it up ?
    Or hould I feel honoured that you trust my spelling more than your own?
    Whisky-dave, Aug 29, 2013
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