NOOOOOoooo! The drivers... I forgot about the drivers!

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by The Black Wibble, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. After over two hours downloading the fedora ISOs and finshing inches
    away from my download cap for the month, it pops into my brain that
    Promise have no SATA drivers for fedora. I can't even begin to install
    the bloody thing on my RAID array. Fark!!!

    The Black Wibble, Nov 7, 2003
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  2. The Black Wibble

    harry Guest

    Would this help ?

    "Some folk I've done some consulting work for bought a zillion
    Promise SATA cards. They were able to convince Promise to
    release their SATA driver, which was formerly available only as
    a binary only kernel module, under the terms of the GPL.

    So <drum-roll, trumpets> here it is: the Promise SATA driver for
    the PDC20318, PDC20375, PDC20378, and PDC20618. This driver is
    released as-is. It is useful for the

    Promise SATA150 TX4
    Promise SATA150 TX2plus
    Promise SATA 378
    Promise Ultra 618

    cards. As a temporary download location, the GPL'd driver can be
    obtained from

    Have fun! And many thanks to Promise for contributing the driver
    for their cards!"
    harry, Nov 7, 2003
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  3. The Black Wibble

    techie Guest

    I run into that a lot with FreeBSD. Being at the mercy of hardware
    manufacturers who don't give a damn about FreeBSD is why I try to buy only
    hardware for which open-source drivers are available. Not that I know how to
    make the linux->FreeBSD driver conversions myself, but if the source code is
    out there I can always find a driver somewhere that somebody has already
    kludged up.

    There was an article on NewsForge last week about a company that makes a
    wrapper for Windows drivers that lets you use them under Linux. This is
    looking interesting:

    MONTREAL, QC Oct. 10, 2003 - Linuxant inc., a
    world-class supplier of consulting, software development
    and professional support services is announcing the
    immediate availability of DriverLoader?, a revolutionary
    compatibility-wrapper allowing standard Windows NDIS
    drivers shipped by hardware vendors to be used as-is on
    Linux x86 systems.

    DriverLoader technology is the ideal Linux solution to
    support devices for which no adequate native open-source
    drivers are available. It also allows vendors to
    drastically reduce time to market or eliminate the need
    to support multiple drivers for Windows and Linux. By
    using the same driver on both platforms, significant
    resources can be saved.

    Thanks to DriverLoader, owners of 802.11g 54mbps
    Wireless LAN devices (CardBus and PCI) based on Broadcom
    chipsets can now use their devices under Linux, enjoying
    the full speed of the latest Wireless LAN technology
    with the freedom of the renowned open-source


    DriverLoader packages can be downloaded from Linuxant's
    web site at no cost*. The software is easy to install on
    any supported Linux distribution (RedHat, SuSE,
    Mandrake, Debian) with any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel, and
    includes a user-friendly Web-based configuration system.

    And a similar article here:

    techie, Nov 7, 2003
  4. Ok, I'll try to make a driver disk from the source code. Why is my life
    with linux ~never~ easy? Look, I appreciate the link. Thanks Harry.

    The Black Wibble, Nov 7, 2003
  5. I want instant gratification. There's no Promise drivers available for
    fedora, yet the OS has been out for well over 24hrs. Talk about slack.
    It's a wrapper for Windows NDIS drivers only, but it looks promising.

    Promise... grrrrr...

    The Black Wibble, Nov 7, 2003
  6. The Black Wibble

    cowboyz Guest

    Just remember how much fun your having...........
    cowboyz, Nov 7, 2003
  7. The Black Wibble

    Gordon Guest

    It is a real bugger being ahead of everyone else.

    It is a numbers game. As the Penguin appears on more desk tops then there
    will become a point of critial mass, read profits are here, when
    manufactures will release drivers for Linux along with ones for other OS.

    BTW, I see a cahnge already. Some short time ago, manufactures thought
    there was something odd about Penguins requiring drivers. Now they see the
    demand and do supply slowly. They do acknowledge the Penguin.
    Gordon, Nov 7, 2003
  8. The Black Wibble

    Steven H Guest

    blimy you dont ask for much do you

    linux is designed by Nerds for Nerds - there slowly getting their head
    around Users
    Steven H, Nov 7, 2003
  9. The Black Wibble

    Greg Parker Guest

    Stick to a well supported OS not this Lunix Crap..

    Plus you will live longer..
    Greg Parker, Nov 7, 2003
  10. The Black Wibble

    techie Guest

    Yeah, but Windows will warp your mind.

    Look what it's done to woger.
    techie, Nov 7, 2003
  11. The Black Wibble

    harry Guest

    Why do you post no content just to do a bit of name calling, you are just
    like roger sheephard.
    Does it give you a stiffie or something ?
    More linux hating linux bashing.
    What thfuk is your problem ?
    The guy asked for a solution to a specific question and you just unload your
    Promise have some Linux drivers on their site, but they are binaries for Red
    Hat 9
    harry, Nov 7, 2003
  12. The Black Wibble

    harry Guest

    More Linux hating Linux bashing from a Wintroll.
    Promise have drivers for Red Hat 9.0
    Fedora is new.
    Once someone in the project compiles and packages the Promise source as
    binaries for Fedora then it will just be an rpm.
    harry, Nov 7, 2003
  13. is there an NZ mirror for Fedora?
    Russell Smithies, Nov 7, 2003
  14. to answer my own question....

    Russell Smithies, Nov 7, 2003
  15. The Black Wibble

    cowboyz Guest

    I not linux bashing. I just offering moral support. - You need it when
    trying to install a driver on Linux.
    cowboyz, Nov 7, 2003
  16. The Black Wibble

    Allistar Guest

    What is this "Lunix" thing you keep harping on about? I've never heard of it

    Allistar, Nov 7, 2003
  17. The Black Wibble

    Greg Parker Guest

    Its a rhyming thing, Lunix for Lunies..
    Greg Parker, Nov 7, 2003
  18. Damnit, I'm good. So, I managed to make a driver disk and now fedora is
    installed on my SATA Raid array. There is one or two undefined symbols
    in the driver module but at least it works. The next annoyance is
    Fedora not recognising my Hitachi CML174SXW LCD because, unlike in
    RedHat 9.0, the LCD is not in the list of detectable monitors.
    XF86Config is screwed up. Yet some more fun <choke> ahead of me.

    The Black Wibble, Nov 7, 2003
  19. The Black Wibble

    Allistar Guest

    Aha. You haven't answered the question. What is it?

    Allistar, Nov 7, 2003
  20. The Black Wibble

    RecylerMan Guest

    Its is just that cowboys had a major problem with a skymedia sm200d card
    used for ultra support form skymedia is broken to say the least you have
    to patch there driver module making package then it wont compile with
    the latest gcc it is one sick puppy that card the windows driver is not
    much better needing admin rites to work at all oh yes if the driver or
    card crashes you have to re boot no mater what OS you are using I found
    the windows drivers being too flacky the loest being for win2K and XP
    win 95 worked realy well the OS would crash faster then the driver or at
    least I would re booth the thing before a crash.
    RecylerMan, Nov 7, 2003
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