Non-Dedicated Macro Flash with the 5700

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. I got the 5700 two weeks ago. I find myself doing a lot of macro shooting
    but man it's tricky; the wind, shallow depth of field and focusing all make
    it quite difficult.

    Apparently flash could help--freezing motion while allowing small apertures
    for depth of field. Problem is, of course, the built-in one would fire right
    over the object and the lens would cast a shadow.

    So, the thing is, I need an off-camera flash to take care of this but the
    thing about the 5700--which I didn't know when I got it--is that it doesn't
    really do TTL flash. It's kind of complicated apparently; I guess the short
    version is that it's TTL in that you can set any aperture, but it's not TTL
    in that it depends on a sensor in the flash head to measure light.

    Question is--how is this going to work with close-up flash with an off-flash
    unit--with the sensor much higher up than the subject? If I use a
    non-dedicated flash like a Vivitar 283, would the 5700 act like any other
    camera--with the 283's sensor handling the lighting issue--or would the 5700
    STILL insist on using its built-in sensor which is useless in this case?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    TheNewsGuy Guest

    I am in the SAME position as yourself. When I bought the 5700,
    knowing it had a Nikon hotshoe I assumed (silly me!) it would use the
    features of Nikon speedlights. NOT TRUE!!! Very dissapointing. So
    I purchased a much cheaper Vivitar 730Ni. It works well in most

    But for macro there is a REAL problem. The non-TTL sensor in the
    Nikon flash will NOT be reading the light from your subject. Even
    with external flash "on" and internal flash "off",

    Check out CK's wonderful Coolpix site... ...
    on ...

    + The News Guy(Mike) - Seinfeld Lists
    + (two mirrored sites)
    + All things Seinfeld; scripts, trivia, lists,
    TheNewsGuy, Jun 4, 2004
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