'Noisy' Noise cancelling headphones!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by SS, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. SS

    SS Guest

    Just got a pair of these from Maplin, however when I switch on the noise
    cancelling I can hear a hissing noise which is annoying. They work to a
    degree but not impressive. The make is Pro-Luxe. Is this normal or are they
    just crap? I intend to return them! Are there any makes of noise cancelling
    headphones that anyone here can recommend i.e. that doo work well with no
    background noise when switched on. Thanks
    SS, Aug 15, 2006
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  2. SS

    Whiskers Guest

    I have a pair of Phillips SBC HN050 'phones which are reasonably
    effective, although they do make a loud 'pop' in the music when the tube
    or bus makes a bang. Their noise-cancelling ability is enhanced when you
    are using them to listen to something, rather than on their own. There is
    a low audible hiss when they are used on their own; I think that's an
    inevitable side-effect of the way they work - but it isn't intrusive,
    especially not in a noisy environment. They do not eliminate all external
    sounds, they merely quieten them - although people talking nearby can be
    quite audible. I don't think it would be desirable to eliminate all
    sound; even the passive sealed 'ear defenders' don't do that.

    Of course, the human ear is itself noisy - covering the outer ear makes
    the inner noise more noticeable. The sea-shell effect is one example of

    Tinnitus might actually seem worse with noise-cancelling headphones or
    Whiskers, Aug 15, 2006
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  3. I can't see the origonal post, but Sennheiser make high quality headphones.
    Have a look at the Noise Reducing range.


    Synapse Syndrome, Aug 15, 2006
  4. SS

    thanatoid Guest

    Sennheiser has been making noise-canc. phones for like 25 years
    and they are one of best headphone/microphone makers in the

    "Pro" or "Deluxe" in the brand name is a sure indication of
    garbage. Sennheisers are quite expensive, but they work.
    thanatoid, Aug 15, 2006
  5. SS

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Oh heck yeah. Sennheisers are on my dream list, somewhere below a VERY long
    Canon EF lens with IS <g> (told you it was a dream!)
    Toolman Tim, Aug 15, 2006
  6. I'm not familiar with that brand; what did you pay for them? My buddy
    bought a pair of cheapies for a plane trip a couple months ago and they
    were useless; he returned them when he got home.
    Blinky the Shark, Aug 16, 2006
  7. SS

    Margolotta Guest

    Er, the most expensive pair of Sennheiser n/c 'phones is £85 ($161.50). A
    long Canon lens is about 100 times that. Am I missing something here?

    Even the most expensive pair they make are only £300 ($580).

    BTW, I've tried the PXC300s and they're shite. They sit on the ear (and they
    pinch!) and the n/c unit is 6" long, clips on to your belt/trousers and is
    irritating (not to mention heavy). I had them on a 30-day trial and they went
    back after a week! And, yes, they hiss. Badly.

    The mid-range is the Bose Comfort 4 at £275 (which is what I paid for my
    'Pod) they come highly recommended by a friend who has a pair (I can't afford

    Then for the silly-money-no-object there's the new Shure offering the
    E500PTH.Just released in the UK they're expected to retail at around £500.
    I'm not too keen on earphones, though.
    Margolotta, Aug 17, 2006
  8. SS

    thanatoid Guest

    Yes, the fact that photography and music have little in common,
    in spite of certain cell phone manufacturers' attempts to blend
    everything into one big wad of shit.
    I hate Bose since they invented the idiotic "4 or 5 2-inch
    speakers with one big woofer" concept which is more responsible
    for crappy sounding music than anything else on Earth.
    I hear they're fantastic. I used to wear the first in-ear bud
    phones that came with the Sony WM-F10 for 8 years every day, now
    I have about 5 pairs of various headphones (including the famed
    Sennheiser 414) which just sit in boxes and will probably never
    be used again.
    thanatoid, Aug 17, 2006
  9. SS

    Toolman Tim Guest

    It's not the COST, it's the DREAM. I would much rather have the lens than
    the Sennheisers. So, after I get the dream lens, then I'd think about the
    other things on the list.
    LOL! I couldn't agree more! I don't own a cell phone, and if I ever do,
    believe me: it won't have no Windows OS/PDA or camera or MP3 player or
    nothin'...just a plain 'vanilla' phone.
    Toolman Tim, Aug 17, 2006
  10. SS

    Whiskers Guest

    In this country it's getting difficult to find a mobile phone that doesn't
    have a camera and some other bells and whistles included. Even the ones
    that are too small for human eyes and fingers.
    Whiskers, Aug 17, 2006
  11. SS

    thanatoid Guest

    (I think teenage girls are the main target market.)

    Anyway, he's right, Toolman. Just like it's getting hard to find
    a serial port or a floppy drive on a new computer, by the time
    you decide to get one, it might have a 12GB minidrive for music
    and photos, a 5 megapixel camera with a 120x digital zoom, a
    Global Positioning thing, an all-brand-TV/DVD/satellite remote,
    a satellite radio receiver, a remote toilet flushing device, and
    an electronic supersonic dog whistle.

    Oh, and a phone, I SUPPOSE.

    I don't even know if you can get a vanilla cellphone NOW.
    thanatoid, Aug 17, 2006
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