No surprise.... expect a "Transporter 2" (Rate R Hard Version DVD).

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Q: What are your plans for the DVD?

    Leterrier: An unrated, hard [version]. It was shot R, this movie,
    because Jason wanted a tougher movie and told Luc, who said "Okay,
    I'll do it." Fox had said from the beginning we've got to make it
    PG-13, and they were right, because the humor in it, the fact that
    it's not plausible… it's more of a teenager's movie. They were right
    in making us cut back to PG-13. One thing is, I wish we'd known this
    from the get-go, because then we would have conceived of things

    Q: What are they seeing in France right now?

    Leterrier: They're seeing the PG-13, your version. The same applies
    everywhere. It was good; it was a smart idea.

    Q: Is it gonna be more intense than the unrated edition of the first

    Leterrier: The unrated version? Yeah, there will be more to see. There
    will be blood, there will be cursing, there will be nudity.

    Q: Whose nudity?

    Leterrier: Hers. Kate's.

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    Allan, Sep 8, 2005
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