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    No Frills DVD Review: THE QUIET AMERICAN

    The commentary on this DVD by director, producers, writer, and actors is
    among the most interesting I've heard on a DVD. While not synchronized
    with the events on the screen -- you can tell the commentary has been
    edited together from a series of interviews, some of which appear in the
    DVD's extra features -- they significantly illuminate the events.

    It helps that the movie is based on Graham Greene's famous novel. The
    movie, an indictment of incipient US undercover involvement in
    Vietnamese politics (and military action) in the early 1950's, is a
    showcase for another superb Michael Caine performance. The director,
    Phillip Noyce, was also responsible for RABBIT PROOF FENCE.

    Much of the filming takes place in Vietnam. Some of the most interesting
    commentary concerns the involvement of the current Vietnamese film
    industry. Location shooting is very interesting to watch, including one
    of the most horrific scenes I've seen put to film, a terrorist daytime
    bombing in a public square (based on an actual event) that causes scores
    of civilian deaths and injuries.

    The DVD's accompanying Sundance documentary that focuses on that
    particular scene does not really provide a lot of insight into the
    physical aspects of the production process. It duplicates much of what
    is already discussed on the commentary. Also included is a timeline of
    the Vietnam war which, given that this film takes place in 1951-52, will
    probably surprise anyone who thinks that the Vietnam conflict started in
    the 1960's. The DVD also contains several text reviews of Graham Green's
    novel, which shed more light on the themes of the film.

    It is good that this film is available on DVD. Withheld from
    distribution after 9/11 since producers feared audiences would reject a
    film about American undercover involvement in Vietnam, the DVD makes
    available a mature, masterfully directed film that juxtaposes a sad love
    affair with political events we know will eventually spiral out of
    control. All of this is uncannily reflected in Michael Caines'
    performance, probably the best of his career.
    ddmcd, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. ddmcd

    Roger Zoul Guest

    ddmcd wrote:
    :: No Frills DVD Review: THE QUIET AMERICAN
    :: The commentary on this DVD by director, producers, writer, and

    Wow! Nice review that is actually about the DVD! YAY!
    Roger Zoul, Sep 3, 2003
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