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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Douglas, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. Douglas

    Douglas Guest


    Wonder if anyone else has come across this problem with Mozilla 1.6

    Sometimes when I want to click a link I get an alert box pop up saying "This
    page contains no data". Then after a while when I go navk to it it

    Any ideas?

    Douglas, Aug 22, 2004
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  2. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Sorry, should have added that I'm using windows 98, not linux
    Douglas, Aug 22, 2004
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  3. Douglas

    Travis Evans Guest

    I get the same thing from time to time with Firefox, Thunderbird, and
    Mozilla. It seems to happen when some kind of problem occurs with
    loading the files from the server. It can be very annoying. Usually the
    message is wrong--the document always *does* contain data, it just
    couldn't be loaded for some reason. I think this error message should be
    rewritten; it's too vague and cryptic.

    I think the error handling needs to be changed. It would be nice if
    Mozilla had an option to automatically retry the operation a few times
    first before throwing an error box in the user's face. With poor
    Internet connections, I think this could really help in most cases.
    Travis Evans, Aug 23, 2004
  4. Douglas

    Moz Champion Guest

    I think you both mean the

    Document has no data as it resulted from a POST action, if I am not

    What that indicates is that the previous page you tried to go back to
    was actually created by the server using the POST method. This is the
    normal action when providing lists of data (such as a search listing)
    direct from the server.

    What occurs is this, when you go to such a page, the server provides a
    blank page or template, then provides the data that goes on it. You can
    reduce the occurance of most (post data) losses by reducing the times
    you compare the data on the page with that of the cache. Setting it to
    once per session in
    will suffice for most search sites. Secure sites are another matter
    however (such as Bank sites or other financial service sites).

    When Mozilla goes back to a page, if you have it set to compare the page
    everytime in the cache settings, there is nothing extant on the server
    to compare it to, so you get the error.

    Actually, the error is quite explanatory, as error messages go, if you
    read the entire message.
    Moz Champion, Aug 26, 2004
  5. Douglas

    Travis Evans Guest

    The message I was actually referring to was a slightly different message
    that says "The document contains no data." This one makes no mention
    about POST data. It seems to occur most when I am trying to download too
    many things at once from a dial-up connection. It occurs either with web
    page links or file download links.

    I'm wondering if it occurs because the bandwidth is so clogged that
    Mozilla gives up trying to make another request. I just changed the
    network.http.connect.timeout setting in about:config from 30 to 60 to
    see if it helps. It's too early to say right now.
    I believe the POST data message you mention is a different message from
    the one that I get that says only "The document contains no data." I can
    understand the POST data message, but the "document contains no data"
    message was pretty baffling the first few times I saw it, particularly
    when I knew a page ought to be there. Usually, after two or three
    retries (maybe after canceling some active connections) it will work.
    Travis Evans, Aug 28, 2004
  6. Douglas

    Moz Champion Guest

    You are correct, the POST data and document contains no data message are

    the document contains no data error can be a result of firewalls or
    proxy servers (on the server side or your side). It can sometimes be
    overcome by using the refresh button (this applies to websites not

    Your assumption that two many active connections at one time can
    contribute to the problem is quite astute, its best not to use multiple
    connections (especially over dial up) at one time. Any time saved by
    using multiple downloads at one time are usually lost due to the
    extended time it takes to perform all the downloads. i.e. one file will
    take 7 minutes to download (dependent on size) due to the 'choke' effect
    of the dial up bandwidth. Downloading two at the same time would extend
    each download time to 15 minutes (two files the same size) due to data
    collisions, vice the 14 minutes it would take if you waited for one to
    finish before beginning another.

    As well, some sites have specific requirements on how long they 'wait'
    for the remote computer (yours) to acknowledge receipt of one packet and
    clearance to send the next. If your computer takes too long to
    acknowledge (because its busy downloading something else) the download
    could result in the document contains no data.

    You may be able to reduce these type of error messages if you set
    Compare to Once Per Session
    as then when you return to pages, it is loaded from cache, not from the
    Moz Champion, Aug 28, 2004
  7. Douglas

    Travis Evans Guest

    Thanks for the information, Moz Champion. That was informative and helpful.
    Travis Evans, Sep 2, 2004
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