no automatic reauthentication/reconnect

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Lars P., Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Lars P.

    Lars P. Guest

    We use a Cisco 350 PCMCIA for network communication on cranes.

    The cranes sometimes lose the network contact to the access point
    while driving or staying in bad points of a hall, because of a too
    weak signal and/or signal overlays. This happens about one or two
    times per week.
    If the interruption lasts longer than 5 seconds, the network
    connection in the systray is deactivated.

    When the signal is back in a sufficient strength, there is still no
    connection to the network (Systryicon is disabled; ping does not
    work). Only if you click in the Aironet Client Monitor on
    reauthenticate, the connection is up again.

    I tried already:
    WindowsXP-KB826942 (Windows XP-Supportpatch für Wireless Protected
    and Q239924 („disable Media Sense for TCP/IP in Windows")

    SP2 seems to solve the problem, but at the moment it is not possible
    to install ServicePack 2 because of IT Guidelines in the Enterprise.

    Is there a MS Fix I didn't find ?
    Is there a possibility to extend the Timeout of 5 seconds ?
    Can we automate the reauthentication process?

    Windows XP SP1
    current driver version of the Cisco Card

    Network Security Settings:
    Network Authentication - NONE
    DATA Encryption – Static WEP Key
    ACCESS POINT Authentication - OPEN


    Lars P., Feb 1, 2005
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