Nion D5000 - how to make the focus STAY on center point focus

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by U vigilance, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. U vigilance

    U vigilance Guest

    If you have a Nikon D5000, can you tell me HOW you make the focus REMAIN
    on center point focus?

    In the manual, it simply says to set it to single point; but when I shut
    down the camera and start it back up, the settings are lost.

    How do you make the center point focus stick on the Nikon D5000?
    U vigilance, Oct 12, 2011
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  2. U vigilance

    tony cooper Guest

    If it's like my D60, there's no way to "hold" the focus point between
    changes. Both the focus point bracketed area and the area mode
    (closest subject, dynamic area, single point) will or can change any
    time the camera is turned off or the camera is changed from one
    setting to another (ie: Aperture to Shutter).

    I'd prefer my camera always default to the single point setting, but
    it doesn't.
    tony cooper, Oct 12, 2011
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