Nikon Scan vs Vuescan, Nikon Scan smears detail, why (0/1)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by melbjer, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. melbjer

    melbjer Guest

    I have a Coolscan IV with Nikon Scan and I have been trying out
    Vuescan recently. For default settings, Nikon Scan gives scans that
    seem more natural and pleasing to me, but when I blow up detail,
    Vuescan seems superior. I am attaching a crop of an XKE wire wheel as
    an example. The spokes on Nikon Scan seem smeared, while on Vuescan
    they are nicely resolved. Is this a setting problem I haven't found
    yet, or is Vuescan actually superior in this regard? jgns is the Nikon
    Scan and jgvs is Vuescan. Any help is appreciated.
    melbjer, Aug 7, 2008
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  2. melbjer

    Mark Thomas Guest

    I don't know Nikonscan well, but lack of knowledge has never stopped me
    before.. (O:

    First up, you can't post attachments here, so you will need to provide a

    Second, is it possible this is a focus issue? Vuescan uses a different
    method to focus, and you may get different results depending on where
    you place its focus point (that little cross). On film with a curve (eg
    Kodachromes) this can be an important issue, and the Nikons don't have
    much d-o-f to play with.

    Third, are you using multiple passes or anything similar that might
    affect the image sharpness? Vuescan has a Sharpen checkbox under the
    filter tab - I presume you have left that off?

    Perhaps NS has a built in smoothing filter, like a software anti-alias
    or grain-redux feature, but I would be surprised if you can't turn it
    off. Others who have the scanner can probably help more, but until
    then.. maybe try comp.periphs.scanners?
    Mark Thomas, Aug 7, 2008
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  3. melbjer

    Paul Bartram Guest

    I have had to change to using Vuescan exclusively with my old LS1000 scanner
    since changing to XP from W98SE (See Advent Card Reader thread below). I
    would say Vuescan gives a lot more control than the older version of
    NikonView that came with the scanner, and you can get much bigger scans with
    it. I've always left the focus on 'Auto' but despite having scanned a lot of
    old Kodachromes I've not noticed any softness problems. Of course it may
    depend on how good the originals were and how much you boosted the size.

    Paul Bartram, Aug 8, 2008
  4. I did not see this. (Coolscan V, Nikonscan and Vuescan)

    Some of the options might cause loss of detail in Nikon scan:
    - noise reduction
    - Digital ICE... I've had good luck with ICE on Kodachromes from the
    80's, but YMMV. I found postings here that ICE with Kodachrome might
    introduce artifacts, but your description sounds different from this.
    - Others?

    If you have sharpening in VueScan this will increase the apparent

    Good luck with your scanning. Put a photo on Flickr, pBase, or
    anywhere, then provide a link in another message here.

    -=- Rick
    Richard Karash, Aug 9, 2008
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