Nikon D800 embargo broken

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bruce, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Bruce, Feb 5, 2012
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  2. Bruce

    Robert Coe Guest

    : It is reported that a French magazine has broken the embargo on
    : releasing information about the D800 prior to its official
    : announcement on February 7.
    : The information about the camera and an explanation of the background
    : to breaking the embargo is here:
    : <>

    Shame on both sides.

    Shame on the magazine for breaking their agreement. They "need more time"
    between getting the information and the official announcement? Bullhockey.
    They just wanted to be first.

    Shame on Nikon for their grade-school-teacher response: Punish everyone, the
    innocent along with the guilty. The right response would have been to cancel
    their advertising in the offending publication for a month, but I guess they
    weren't up for that.

    Ah, me; poor Canon. In the wake of a nicer-than-expected entry from Nikon, the
    5D3 had better be either better or cheaper than the D800. Or both.

    Or does it really matter? Because of the incompatible lenses, few are likely
    to switch sides. (Yeah I know you once did it, Bruce, but I think you're the
    exception.) If I don't think the 5D3 is enough of an improvement or worth the
    money, maybe I'll buy another 7D.

    Robert Coe, Feb 5, 2012
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  3. Bruce

    PeterN Guest

    Nope! Any manufacturer has the right to absolutely control product
    release information. If its NDA rules cause marketing to not run as
    planned, it has an absolute right to change its disclosure timing. Yes,
    as a Nikon owner I like to know what Nikon is doing as soon as I can,
    because that may affect my purchasing decisions.

    Getting information later may hurt the consumer, not the magazines. It
    would not surprise me if some Nikon Rumor comments were planted by
    Nikon, as a trial balloon or tease. I'm not sure I would call the
    controlled release of product announcements "punishment." I can't think
    of any lives that will be endangered by controlled release.

    I am also glad I was wrong about the timing of the new product release
    information. I thought they would not be out until July or August.
    PeterN, Feb 5, 2012
  4. Bruce

    RichA Guest

    The magazines, in their review, already overlook every problem these
    manufacturers have, so why not let them at least break moratoriums!
    RichA, Feb 6, 2012
  5. Bruce

    Sandman Guest

    Only doubtful is the 36MP resolution. A 36+MP version of D4 will
    surely be released sooner or later, but it's not all that likely for
    the little brother to get it first, and in FX as well.
    Sandman, Feb 6, 2012
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Watch and learn. ;-)
    Bruce, Feb 6, 2012
  7. Bruce

    Sandman Guest

    The official announcement: 7360x4912 (36.15 MP), which
    is just exactly what everyone has been saying for some
    time now.

    The list price is $2999.95 with the Anti-Aliasing
    filter, and the $3299.95 for the version without it.

    Basically, everything the Nikon Rumors site has been
    saying for the past few days is exactly what Nikon has

    One think you can go to the bank with, there will never
    be a D4X in the same sense that the D3X was.[/QUOTE]

    Why not? A 36MP D4 would be... awesome :)
    Sandman, Feb 7, 2012
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