Nikon D70 first look review and comparison vs D100 and Digital Rebel

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Karl Bedford, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Karl Bedford

    Karl Bedford Guest

    Wow! the D70 looks really nice, and definately seems like the best
    value in the sub $2000 category. I am very impressed with the
    features. I also like the general layout and design of the camera.

    There is a comprehensive first look review at including a comparison with the Nikon D100
    and Canon EOS Digital Rebel if you have not seen it yet.

    Looking forward to the availability of the D70, so to try one out.
    Might just be dipping into the 'old retirement fund' in the near
    future :)

    Karl Bedford, Jan 31, 2004
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  2. Karl Bedford

    Joe Jobbs Guest


    D70 has flash sync 1/500. Nice!

    Still, Ilove my D100.
    Joe Jobbs, Jan 31, 2004
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