Nikon D40x Versus Canon Rebel XTi 400D?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by dumbtroll, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. dumbtroll

    dumbtroll Guest

    dumbtroll, Nov 14, 2007
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  2. dumbtroll

    Bill Guest

    I own a Canon 30D and love it, but between the two cameras you are
    looking at, I'd recommend the D40X - mainly for the spot metering (an
    option seriously lacking in the Rebel). I use this a lot under many
    different conditions and would'nt want to do without.

    Also I have read that many people love and use the front, rear curtain
    and slow sync flash options that the Canon lacks.

    Bill, Nov 14, 2007
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  3. wrote:

    [Nikon D40x Versus Canon Rebel XTi 400D?]

    Pretty much the same difference as between Pepsi and Coke or Ford and Chevy
    or vi and emacs. Whatever runs in the family...
    That it is the most important step. If you don't _feel_ comfortable with the
    camera then it is no good for _you_.

    My advise: also try a camera one step up, e.g. a D80. For many people the
    D40-class is simply to small and too awkward to handle. It just doesn't fit
    the hand.

    Jürgen Exner, Nov 14, 2007
  4. dumbtroll

    dumbtroll Guest

    Can you compose the photo only using the LCD screen on
    either of these cameras?

    My Powershot G3 can do this, and it's a liberating way to take a
    dumbtroll, Nov 15, 2007
  5. No. Some DSLRs can do that (it's a feature usually called Live View or
    something similar), but neither the D40 nor the 400D offer it. For
    Canon, you'd need the 40D and for Nikon the brand-new D300. In both
    cases, those are bodies that are quite a bit more expensive than the
    ones you are considering.

    Daniel Silevitch, Nov 15, 2007
  6. No, any dSLR I know of still has an actual optical view finder.
    If you prefer the hold-camera-still-at-arms-length exercise (as many people
    apparently do) then dSLR are clearly not for you.

    Jürgen Exner, Nov 15, 2007
  7. dumbtroll

    dumbtroll Guest

    I believe the Canon 400D indeed DOES have spot
    metering, except they call it "partial metering", which
    uses a 9.5% area in the middle of the screen:
    dumbtroll, Nov 15, 2007
  8. dumbtroll

    dumbtroll Guest

    But clearly it's something people want, or it wouldn't be
    on the more expensive 40D.

    It's extremely handy for taking pics over the heads of a
    crowd in front of you, or for doing a cool "snails-eye" view
    without hugging the floor.

    Hell, i might just get the 40D just for this reason!
    dumbtroll, Nov 15, 2007
  9. Some (many? most? all?) of the dSLR advocates in these newsgroups are fairly
    immature and inexperienced when it comes to cameras and what any decent
    photographer requires of their tools. Many of them posting here have never been
    nearer to any camera than a review of one online, then they offer advice as if
    they've used one all their life. (The few real photographers can spot those
    trolls in a heartbeat, a task not so easy for the newcomer.) Others are just
    insecure dSLR purchasers and trying to justify why they spent so much money. Not
    being similarly crippled as they are in my photography experience is exactly why
    I have always gone with P&S cameras when I switched from film to digital. For
    all the additional things that any decent LCD or EVF makes available to the
    craft. Those that choose to remain ignorant and inexperienced will never know of
    their benefits.

    True, a dSLR may not be for you, because the same image quality can be had in
    many inexpensive, lighter-weight, smaller, and fuller-featured P&S cameras. But
    if you already know of the benefits of a "live-view" LCD or EVF for accurate
    composition (100% framing accuracy, no 95% or 97% approximations), for difficult
    shooting situations, an amplified view for focusing and composition in extremely
    dim light levels, needing to see shutter-speed effects in real-time before you
    even press the shutter, the enormous amount of data that can be displayed on an
    EVF or LCD screen (live histograms, under/over-exposure overlays telling you
    what portions of your image are out of bounds), etc., then don't settle for a
    camera with less no matter what camera design you buy.

    Before making your choice check out these links to see if any of this might be
    important to you:

    An overview of all the additional features

    You will find options and capabilities on any of the supported P&S cameras with
    an LCD or EVF that aren't even possible on any dSLR made today, with or without
    "live-view" displays. Not even a new $12,000 dSLR can do what a CHDK camera can
    do today.
    wilson granger, Nov 15, 2007
  10. dumbtroll

    Guest Guest

    It can be useful, but of course there is a trade-off when you're using

    What you absolutely want to avoid is any P&S camera that lacks an
    optical or electronic viewfinder, or you'll be doing the
    "hold-camera-still-at-arms-length exercise" all the time.

    The G1, G2, G3, G5, & G6 were great with their articulating LCD, which
    was the victim of decontenting on the G7 and the G9.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that there is really no P&S camera that meets
    your criteria. The few low-noise P&S cameras are not >=10 megapixel, and
    the few >=10 megapixel P&S cameras have noise issues, plus other issues
    as well, that eliminate them from consideration.

    The question really comes down to which D-SLR to get. Personally, I
    would get the 40D if at all possible, as it has a lot of advantages over
    the 400D.
    Guest, Nov 15, 2007
  11. [...]

    Thank you very much for the deep insight you are offering in your
    very first posting ever to this NG. You surely must have a lot of

    Jürgen Exner, Nov 15, 2007
  12. dumbtroll

    Hank Arden Guest

    Yes, isn't it a shame when even a first time poster knows more than you ever
    will. Catch up.

    Oh wait, you can't. Try buying a camera sometime for a start.
    Hank Arden, Nov 15, 2007
  13. dumbtroll

    Sosumi Guest

    That´s not a spot, that´s a stain.
    D40x: 3.5 mm or 2.5% of the screen...
    Sosumi, Nov 15, 2007
  14. dumbtroll

    Sosumi Guest

    Can you compose the photo only using the LCD screen on
    either of these cameras?

    My Powershot G3 can do this, and it's a liberating way to take a

    The Olympus E-410 and 510 can, but the sensors are quite smaller, which you
    pay for in losing dynamic range. I brought my 510 back to the store after I
    saw the results...
    Not cheap either and the lenses are more expensive than either Nikon or
    Sosumi, Nov 15, 2007
  15. dumbtroll

    Sosumi Guest

    If bullshit could fly, you´d be in orbit...

    Yes, DO check this wonder called CHDK. What a miracle it is. A histogram?
    Check, my D40 and D40x got it. RAW? Video? No, I have a $200.- camcorder for
    Motion detection? Yep, I see the police all the time with Powershots,
    detecting motion at airports etc.
    With my cheap camcorder I can have motion detection and even can have the
    camcorder record to the computer, track the motion automatically, zoom in
    automatically, all computer controlled. But I guess this CHDK can do all of
    that too, right?
    O, you can play GAMES with it too. I bet in Playstation 2 quality with Dolby
    surround sound,LOL
    Of course it´s only Canon that has this BS.

    About the DSLR´s you´re right of course. Hasselblad is just being silly
    making $30,000.- DSLR bodies only. Canon and Nikon are crazy to think they
    can sell zoom lenses for 10,000.- You should tell them, that they can use
    Canon Point & Shit camera´s for the same quality...

    I don´t try to make a fool of you; you´re doing fine just on your own...
    Sosumi, Nov 15, 2007
  16. If envy was money you'd be Bill Gates. :)
    No, 7 different histogram options showing you real-time views of all Y-RGB
    No, you actually don't. Read above.
    Good, now can you select from 108 different MJPEG compression levels and modes
    with it? If you carry both your camera and camcorder are they smaller than a P&S
    camera? Both combined are also less than the cost of a P&S camera?

    Keep trying fool. :)
    Wow, are you an idiot.
    Actually, it can! Thanks for bringing this up! But you don't even need to have
    it hooked up to a computer to do all that. A pity that you have to tether yours
    to a computer. That really limits the places you can use those features.
    No, nothing that elaborate, just a couple simple games included to pass the time
    while waiting for someone like you to figure out which lens should go on your
    camera, and waiting for you to deal with the security guards while they're
    telling you that you can't bring your piece-of-shit dSLR into that public event
    because of all the noise it makes.
    BS means that it's lies. The only lie here is your claim of BS. All these things
    are facts, not lies, not BS. The only BS around here is yours.
    No, they're not being silly at all! They know perfectly well how to trick a fool
    out of his money. Why do you think they charge so much? Because THEY CAN!

    The only reason you don't, is because you can't.

    The only fools around here are people like you who can't deal with the fact that
    an inexpensive P&S camera can do more than your dSLR and camcorder combined for
    less than 1/10th the cost.

    Deal with it.
    wilson granger, Nov 15, 2007
  17. I don't think they prefer holding the camera at arms length, it's just
    that they can't focus their eyes any closer than that.
    Chris Malcolm, Nov 15, 2007
  18. Only if you can't focus your eyes any closer! You get the most out of
    an LCD image display if you can use it close enough to see the pixels.
    Chris Malcolm, Nov 15, 2007
  19. dumbtroll

    Sosumi Guest

    Right, as helpful as a microscope for a blind man..
    Yes they do. Histogram that´s usefull.
    And still you do nothing close to what I get with my camcorder.

    Never short of words, are you? And so articulate and well spoken.

    There´s a new invention, dipstick, it´s called: "wireless networking"..
    Yes, try making a picture at night with 1600 ISO. Speaking of noise...
    " Me thinks the lady protests too much..."
    Right, a Mercedes, Porsche or Rolls are much worse then a Volkswagen
    Maybe you should learn how to drive first before writing all these
    Never had the money for a DSLR, did you?
    All piss and vinagar about, huh?
    Even the communists aren´t that stuck up...and stupid..
    A throw away camera with film does a better job than any PS.
    I own a Canon A430, so I know what I´m talking about. I also owned, tried
    and tested many camera´s before buying my D40 and D40x. Just a short list:

    Panasonic FZ50
    Canon Powershot A430
    Olympus E-510
    Canon 400D (Rebel XTi)
    Pentax SLR
    Nikon D80
    Fuji 6500
    Fuji 9600

    Plus several others, like 6x6, 6x7 and 4x5 camera´s.

    I started photography 35 years ago and made professional glamour pictures
    for a few magazines.

    So what do you have and what did you do so far?
    Do you even own a DSLR? If not: how do you know all these "facts"?
    Sosumi, Nov 15, 2007
  20. LOL!

    As I said, if envy was money you'd be Bill Gates.

    wilson granger, Nov 15, 2007
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