Nikon As-shot WB to be used in Adobe Camera Raw 3.2

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by deryck lant, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. deryck  lant

    deryck lant Guest

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  2. Marketingspeak decoded by Adobe's Thomas Knoll:

    "What this means (so far) is that Nikon has added to their
    existing SDK (which performs the entire raw conversion as a black
    box) a new 'mini-SDK', which has the sole function of reading the
    white balance parameters from a NEF file (while still allowing the
    host application to do its own raw conversion).
    The upcoming Adobe Camera Raw 3.2 and DNG Converter 3.2 will use
    this Nikon 'mini-SDK' to provide 'as shot' white balance support
    for the Nikon D2X, D2Hs, and D50."

    Source:[email protected]@.3bbc3e47/1

    In other words:

    Nikon will continue to encrypt the WB (and other metadata such as
    lens parameters).

    I agree that it is indeed good news that Nikon now will provide Adobe
    with the tools necessary to get access to the WB. But the fundamental
    problem - that the metadata in the image is just as much the property
    of the photographer as the image data, and therefore should not be
    encrypted in the first place - remains.
    Gisle Hannemyr, Sep 9, 2005
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