Nightly virus scan, scandisk, defrag, and re-boot

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bobster, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. bobster

    bobster Guest

    I have recently set up my Win 98, 300mhz P11 computer to do a virus
    scan, scan disk, defrag, and then a re- boot every night between 3 AM
    and 6 AM. I like the idea of a "fresh" start each day and things seem
    to run cleaner and faster. I turn the display off as it is a power
    gobbling 19" CRT.
    My question:

    Does all this unattended nightly activity in any way hurt my computer,
    e.g., does running the HD 24/7 wear it out faster than on-off cycling
    it each day? It's a Maxtor 20 ghz, 5400 rpm unit about 3 years old.

    bobster, Jan 19, 2004
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  2. bobster

    Senti Guest

    bobster did mumble [email protected]_s02...
    Whichever is your preference...

    Read these:

    They all say pretty much the same thing:
    -Leaving it on will not hurt your computer.
    -Leaving it on will save you 'boot time'
    -Turning it off will save you money (energy consumption)
    -Turning it off will take longer to boot (than leaving it on.. of course)
    Senti, Jan 19, 2004
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  3. bobster

    Harrison Guest

    If your virus scanner runs all the time then there is no need to run a
    full system scan nightly.
    Defragging once a night is ridiculous. Once a week should be ample for
    a heavy user. Once a month for the average user.
    A hard drive is an eletro-mechanical device. Motor, bearings,
    platters, heads, and actuators. The more you use it, the closer you
    bring it to its inevitable point of mechanical failure.
    Harrison, Jan 19, 2004
  4. bobster

    Bay0Wulf Guest

    Well ... finally the electronics I learned in a USN submarine comes in

    The deal is this. Every time you turn your computer on power runs through
    the circuits much like water in your household plumbing. There are the
    inevitable and normal surges in voltage which bang into relatively fragile
    circuits, chips, capacitators, resistors & etc. and, similar to your
    household plumbing, any coupling or attachment that is not in perfect shape
    is suddenly susceptible to springing a leak each time the system powers up.
    Constant pressure is better than sporatic pressure. So, while your computer
    doesn't seem much like your household plumbing, it still works in a similar

    Also in respect to the mechanics of things ... things in motion tend to stay
    in motion, things at rest tend to stay at rest ... think of a car on a cold
    morning. Start-up time is always the worst time for a mechanism. Heck ... I
    need six cups of coffee and a kick in the ass myself.

    Also in regard to loading start-up commands and operating systems (and
    shutting them down) that's a good opportunity to lose a few of those pesky
    zeros and ones ... a few might not matter but a cumulative few can become
    many pretty fast.

    I suggest to all my clientele that they leave their units on unless they
    want to shut them down on weekends or holidays. Personally all I do is thumb
    off my monitor come the end of the day.

    So ... I don't know about the entire routine of scan, scandisk, defrag every
    night, it seems to me that is a bit of overkill ... I do those on a weekly
    basis unless I am moving around alot of major files but the re-boot aspect I
    believe saves you nothing and just puts wear and tear on your circuitry.

    This is of course just my opinion with alot of support from the US Navy
    - Bay0Wulf
    Bay0Wulf, Jan 19, 2004
  5. bobster

    bobster Guest

    Thanks to everyone for your helpful support
    bobster, Jan 19, 2004
  6. I would not be happy if my computer did things behind my back. I also
    wouldn't defrag every night unless I installed and uninstalled many programs
    on a day to day basis. I leave all three of my computers on 24/7 with a
    battery backup, for those moments when my power blinks and I have my monitor
    to turn off in five minutes, harddrives to spin down NEVER! and stand-by at
    NEVER! and NEVER! to hibernate. Your mileage may vary....;o)
    @}-}-------Rosee, Jan 20, 2004
  7. bobster

    Flaccid Guest

    Is it okay for hard drives to get hot? I opened my tower and the metallic
    casing of my two HDs are HOT HOT HOT to touch... is that bad for them? I've
    currently got the tower open with a fan blowing on them, just in case.
    Flaccid, Jan 20, 2004
  8. NO!!! it is not okay for anything to be hot. It shortens the life of the
    components in your computer. I have two of my computers sitting on a cement
    pad...<my room is behind the living room fireplace, NOT in service at
    present. Room is also chilly at 59°F>. This setup keeps my computers cool
    and I also have invested in these heatsink and fans:

    and Artic Silver. Anything to minimize the heat will prolong your
    computer's life....;o)

    @}-}-------Rosee, Jan 20, 2004
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