Next-Gen DVDs' Blurry Picture

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by zipdisk, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. zipdisk

    zipdisk Guest

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  2. zipdisk

    GraB Guest

    GraB, Mar 29, 2006
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  3. zipdisk

    GraB Guest

    It is funny when you think about it but the measures taken to copy
    protect new format DVDs will be what kills it.

    If they quadrupled production of DVDs, including older titles, and
    dropped the price to a third, which they could do, there would be no
    need for piracy, which would be dealt a body blow, and also no need
    for high expenditure on anti-copy measures.

    I am continually frustrated by the unavailability of titles I want to
    buy, that have been released in Zone 4. Many older titles are
    released in a one-off short run so they sell out quickly, never to be
    seen again.
    GraB, Mar 29, 2006
  4., Mar 30, 2006
  5. zipdisk

    Don Hills Guest

    That's for tax reasons - keeping old inventory for more than 12 months is
    costly. The same thing applies to books, which is why you see so many
    remaindered book sales - the distributors clear their warehouses of titles
    more than 12 months old. That can work to your advantage, but you do have to
    frequent the sales and pick up titles when you see them rather than when
    would be most convenient for you.
    Don Hills, Mar 30, 2006
  6. zipdisk

    GraB Guest

    When I say 'old titles' I don't mean ones that have been sitting
    around for a while. I mean old movies that have been released on DVD,
    such as a couple of favourites, The Last Valley and Too Late The Hero.
    I have been told that certain shops had them for sale but they were
    gone when I got there and I haven't seen them since. Clearly they
    could sell a lot more old titles if they pressed enough to start with
    instead of this nonsense some movie outfits practice at the moment.
    But talk to the sales droids in these shops they will tell you 'no-one
    wants old titles, they want the new stuff'. Don't they notice that
    the old titles don't sit on the shelf but the new titles do?

    I do as you say - always browsing various DVD outlets. Unfortunately,
    at least here in Dunedin, Harvey Norman have decided to go out of
    DVDs. I tried reasoning with the person in charge of that department,
    that it was not a good idea, but to no avail (it brought people into
    the shop, for one thing). But I picked up a few good titles like
    Deliverance in their 30% off sale, for $12.95. I have picked a number
    of good movies for as little as $5, including Virus, Men In Black II,
    Blue Steel, etc. There ae some good movies in the Warehouse bargain
    bins for under $15, like The X Files Movie, $12.63.
    GraB, Mar 30, 2006
  7. zipdisk

    Don Hills Guest

    I second the Warehouse bins as a source - my wife has dozens of old classic
    movies (most $6.99 to $9.99) that she found by rummaging in their bargain
    bins. Sometimes the quality of the transfer is not the best, but since she
    usually watches them on a 14" set it's not a big problem. Shopping around is
    the best bet, for example "Howl's Moving Castle" by Hayao Miyazaki has just
    been released in NZ. Everyone, including The Warehouse, has the plain
    single-disc version for $24.95. The edition to look for is the 2-disk
    version, it has sumptuous packaging and a raft of extras. Most places have
    it for $34.95 but Whitcoulls have been selling it for $29.95...

    I recommend Aro Video too ( Even though we only
    live 10 minutes from the shop we make considerable use of their online mail
    order catalog. Every couple of weeks I download the contents of their
    "Bargain Bin", Choice Cheapies", Limited Time" etc sections and compare them
    against the previous download to produce a list of new additions. We then
    peruse the list for interesting new titles. They have free shipping within
    NZ, so it's easier to mail order than go to the shop. They're good at
    communicating order progress and any delays or problems, and no hassle when
    we had to exchange one disk that had been damaged in manufacture or packing.
    Don Hills, Mar 30, 2006
  8. zipdisk

    GraB Guest

    Thanks for the link. I see "Witness" has finally appeared. Two DVDs
    that are particularly bad in quality are "The Fall of the Roman
    Empire" and the cheap version of "Zulu" (the other version is far
    better, $39.95 at the time I received it, as a gift). Also, the
    Aust-made Madman encoded version of the '71 classic "Walkabout" was
    atrocious! I paid $29.95 at Whitcoulls for that but sent it back and
    imported the Zone 2 version which is apparently the best:

    There is no excuse for such shoddy encoding. It is all the more
    unacceptable as it was a classic 'Australian' movie. Unfortunately I
    have struck other Madman encoded titles that are less than

    But I have been surprised at how good the majority of the cheapies I
    have got are, playing them on my PC with 19" monitor.

    Just browsing the bargains in that link, I see numerous titles for $15
    or $12 that I have bought for $10 at the Warehouse, like Steel
    Magnolias, and The Big Chill.
    GraB, Mar 30, 2006
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